my first parody..

not as good as the other parodies but will do.. And Sorry for the LQ vid, coz during this time i could only upload crappy 3gp files T_T

Pairings: EUNHAE, Hanchul, Sihanchul, Kangteuk, KyuWook, KyuMin, KyuMinWook,

SUJU Fighting literally!
HanGeng and DongHae started it out with a parody angst., due to too much neorago parody [and other songs]. Yesung was jealous and desperate for fan fiction and Teukie wants EunHae down so he raged a CP war, Participants were the CP’s mentioned above. in the process, Kyuminwook became a triangle for better chances though EunHae won in the end..

others want SiHanChul to win, but as i’be stated, Eunhae is my fave CP so they still hold the crown.

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