Title: Letter to my angels

Author: jhengchie

Characters: Leeteuk-centric, Super Junior, SJ15

Subject: Friendship, brotherhood, band!

Rating: G

Summary: Leeteuk writes a letter addressed to Super Junior.

A. /N.: I’m a SJ15 supporter.. posted this in LJ, SJ-world, SPLegacy ^^



Letter to my angels,


Being the eldest naturally made me your leader. I am thankful for respecting and supporting me in this task.

A leader should be able to help each and everyone in its team, and I feel that I haven’t done my part well. It pains me to see all these things happen to us but I must be strong; for the group and for our fans.

We all entered this business with raw talent and pure determination as our sword and shield; fate brought us together to be part of this group. First there was 12, then there was 13, Now we are 15.

We’ve been through a lot; it’s been hard for us sine the day we debuted to what we are now. But we braved them all didn’t we?

If Super Junior is a ship, then I am your captain. But we all know that I cannot do it alone. I need all of you. A ship cannot sail without the captain to steer, but most of all, without its members working hard to power up the vessel. It cannot sail with one person missing; it cannot sail when it’s incomplete:

Just like a guitar or violin with a broken string, or a piano that has a key out of tune, melody and harmony will not be attained until everything is fixed; each string is present, each key in tune. We all have our strength and weaknesses, we all have our ups, especially our downs; it’s human nature, WE DO MAKE MISTAKES.

All I ask of you is to hold on to each other tight, as we sail across the stormy seas; Never break the bond we’ve made, cherish the brotherhood we’ve shared. Let us all sail together to the ends of the earth, and reach our dreams together; as one, as SUPER JUNIOR.

This is your captain speaking,