title: Happy Anniversary

Author: jhengchie

pairing: Kyumin, [girl!Sungmin], if you squint: qmi

other characters: Ryeowook, Hangeng

subject: Romance, angst

rating: PG

warning: Character death

summary: Sungmin prepares for their anniversary


February 14, 2010

Today I woke up extra early and busied myself in the Kitchen. I took all sorts of stuff from the fridge and started chopping away: the carrots are pretty tough for my precious hands but they are really cool to cut. I whisk some eggs and whipped some cream, thanks to that mixer my wrists are still intact. I hummed I will love you too, tonight as I place the pan inside the hot oven.

“it’ll be the best anniversary” I muttered to myself as a gentle breeze swept across my face through the open window. I looked outside that particular window and saw the sun smiling back at me, it’ll be a beautiful day. A butterfly fluttered across the garden and landed on the window sill.

“Hello! How is your day little one.” I asked the butterfly and it gently flapped its wings and proudly showed me its sapphire blue wings. I smiled and left the butterfly, alone in the window sill. I checked on the stove and stirred the stew. I tasted it once and I think I even bested Wookie in cooking.. It was delicious. I left the kitchen to fix the table. I sat there for a while as I recall the very first day our eyes met.


It has been five years since I saw your dark eyes in the middle of the crowd. You were there singing to some girl you were courting, hmm the Chinese doll I believe. I thought you were stupid doing that, she’s so not going out with you, you’re a geek and she’s MS. Popular. But you are a geek with an angelic voice, how can she not notice that.

It may have been a twist of fate when we became classmates for Biology, moreover lab-partners at chemistry class. You were a born genius and I’ve proven that, thanks to you I had my straight A’s. I remember asking for your help when I almost failed my Trigonometry; how can you be that smart?

I never knew you were so poetic. You started writing poems and let me read it out loud. It was angsty, romantic and even comedic; is there anything you’re not good at?

LOVE you blurted out one day, with puffy puppy eyes and tear stained face as you played Teardrops on my guitar on the piano in the music class. You asked me if I could keep a secret, I was surprised but I said yes, did you remember? You told me it was the nth time you failed at love and you never seem to find the perfect one. You tried to be the perfect man, but it always seems like an epic fail. You cried as you play the melody and it moved me to tears; you are a lonely guy.. a poor lonely heartbroken guy.

I became your friend, and I saw your gentle side. I realized how handsome you look without those large glasses. Your hair was all messed up but your smile is just heavenly. I helped you move on and I thought you to dress up. It took no time before you were noticed by the whole campus and all the girls that rejected you came kneeling and kissing your feet. I smiled at my masterpiece but I was a little hurt, am I jealous?

You spent lesser time with me as girls surrounded you day in and out, but you still remained top of the class. I started feeling more and more forgotten and I cried at night for no apparent reason. What am I feeling?

On our prom night that happens to be on Valentine’s Day, you surprised the whole campus: you dragged me in the middle of the dance floor, took my hand and guided me as we waltz around the dance floor. Then you suddenly knelt down and opened a fairly large box, large enough for a ring, and asked me to be your girlfriend. My mouth gaped at the sapphire necklace and I stared deep into your expressive eyes. I smiled as tears uncontrollably fell from my eyes and said yes.

Did you remember the dinner you tried hard to cook on our first anniversary? It was pretty bland, don’t you think? You should’ve asked for Wookie’s help but I appreciate the love and effort that you’ve given for our special day. I thank you didn’t I? I enjoyed dinner, don’t worry, but next time…

Next time you made it extra special since you made a reservation on a very expensive restaurant. There was champagne and fillet mignon. It was exquisite but it was never us. I was very uncomfortable with the stilettos and these knives and forks are tormenting us, next time..

You made me eat a whole wok of Beijing fried rice as you asked Hangeng to cook that for us. It’s our third year together and I feel like it is getting deeper and if this relationship fails, I’ll die tomorrow. It was a delicious dinner but eating rice for the rest of the day is a little…

The fourth time you tried to make something for me on our anniversary, well I don’t remember. Why can’t I remember?


The oven timer rang and I have to remove the cake. They were perfectly baked and I let them cool on a rack. I finished off the rest of the dishes and started decorating the cake. Hmm.. pink or blue? Nah.. let’s just make it simple. I piped out the borders and wrote my message:

Happy Anniversary!

I smiled as a I admired the cake I baked and the food I cooked. Satisfied with my work, I ran upstairs to take a bath and change into the pink cocktail dress you gave me for my birthday. It was already dark when everything was all settled and the pale moon peeked through the night sky, surrounded by the twinkling stars. I went down the flight of stairs and started to light the candles. I smiled and sat on the chair as I waited for your arrival.

A gentle breeze blew and I softly whispered, “Happy anniversary!” A tear fell from my eyes as a butterfly with sapphire blue wings landed on my lap.

A/N: so sorry for this angsty fic.. it was a theme my good friend Thea gave me. I think it was a good idea, hopefully I interpreted it well.