title: The Unwritten Rules

pairing/subject: Qmi, Romance, friendship [girl! Zhou mi] with henwook

rating: PG

summary: Fangirls follow proper decorum and Zhou mi finds it hard to comply. Coincidentally, Kyuhyun is having a pretty tough time as well..

Welcome to the world of fandom, this is your guide to making it to this new and exciting world. These guidelines will make your life and your idol’s life easier. Follow these simple rules and you’re on your way to discovering your innate fangirl/boy.

The unwritten laws of a fangirl\

If there is a primer on being a fangirl, I could’ve grabbed a copy and orient my self, but alas there is none.. I try to ask but I think it’s too embarrassing.. I believe there is some principles guiding these girls.. but I can’t seem to grasp it.. Maybe there are unwritten laws for proper decorum.. I tried to find out.. I observed some fangirls and their activities.. and I tried my best to understand them..


  1. observe personal space

“Zhou Mi! Zhou Mi!” Kyuhyun called as I eat my lunch.. I looked at him and he seated comfortably next to me, his hand brushing mine gently. I looked around to see angry stares and glares of jealous fangirls, I slip a little to the side so that he could be a few inches away from me.. personal space.. he looked at me puzzled.. “personal space” I muttered.. He nodded in agreement as he slips a little to the other side. I looked at him and smiled.. he too smiled.. and I asked myself “Kuai xian.. why make this hard for me?”


2. be polite.. greet when you meet.. no bashing!

We walked down the hall to our next class, your hand was lightly brushing mine, I felt my cheeks warm up.. along the way, we met a couple of freshmen girls.. they stopped dead in their tracks as they bowed and greeted you, “hello Kyuhyun-oppa” you smiled and greeted them back “Hello”. I looked back at them and saw their excited faces, I knew their heart fluttered somewhere.. You looked at me with your smile.. I was jealous.. I frowned at you and said “enjoying your life with all those girls.. flirts” I walked as fast as I could, you tried to catch up, which you did eventually after I stopped, bowed low and greeted Hangeng-gege, I smiled.. I saw you frown.

“Kuai xian why frown at me? Did I do anything bad?”


3. be generous… share

You ran to the music room and locked yourself. It was your hiding place.. your haven and safe refuge from the vicious fangirls that waited outside the school gate. I’ll always knock and you’ll let me enter.. I’ll sit by the piano and you let me play.. I let you sing.. and during this time, it is our lone time.. I could stare at you with no one glaring back at me.. I could hear you sing and daydream that you are singing to and for me.. only me.. but after the song and the crowd has gone.. you’ll leave the room without a word.. and I sat there holding the piano keys and clutching my heart.. I never shared this to others.. they never knew where you hide.. they threatened to hurt me if I didn’t spill.. if I can have you to myself for a little bit.. I won’t mind the pain they’ll inflict

4. respect privacy, no stalking

Finally it was time to go home. I packed my things and made sure I forgot nothing, then off I go home. Passing by your desk, you left your math book, we have an assignment on that book. Thinking you were clumsy and forgetful, I took it with me and decided to give you the book when I meet you downstairs. I walked down the flight of stairs excitedly but stopped halfway when I saw you going out of the campus with another girl. She was not from our school.. you left and she followed.. I too followed.. it may sound like I’m stalking but I just want t give you the book.. or so I thought so too.. Who am I kidding.. I followed you because my heart aches at the sight of you and this girl.. who was she anyway?

You stopped to wait for the bus, I waited round the bend when I dropped your book.. I ran as fast as I can, out of your sight.. you noticed that someone was following you, you heard the book drop, you checked who was that person and found the book lying on the ground.. you picked It up and smiled..


5. fantasize.. infatuate.. but never… ever.. ever expect too much

Oh that silly boy… What would he want from me now? Henry asked me to accompany him and explain to this Wookie that there is nothing going on with us.. “but Henry I don’t like you romantically! You know who I like.. “ “I know but Wookie.. she doesn’t believe me..” I rolled my eyes and stare at Henry with wide eyes.. “handle it yourself.. you’re a man and so be a man and prove that you really love her… do you love her?” Henry replied “of course I love her” Henry replied full of confidence, “ and so just do it, go and get your girl”

I opened my math book to answer my assignment only to find it all answered. I looked at the name of the owner of the book and saw kyuhyun. I face palmed myself and yelled “pabo!” how can I drop my book instead of his? As I browsed the book to admire your flawless handwriting, I doodles at the back. My eyes widened for the nth time as my name was written over and over.. with hearts and notes and full of kisses.. but one thing caught my attention..

Mr. Kyuhyun and Mrs. Mimi Cho


The unwritten laws of a fanboy

Is this normal? Mean what can I do.. am I falling for her.. maybe just infatuation.. but these thoughts.. they never leave.. If there is a primer on being a fanboy, I could’ve grabbed a copy and orient my self, but alas there is none.. I try to ask but I think it’s too embarrassing.. I believe there is some principles guiding these girls.. but I can’t seem to grasp it.. Maybe there are unwritten laws for proper decorum.. I tried to find out.. I observed some fanboys and their activities.. and I tried my best to understand them..


  1. observe personal space

I ran to meet you for lunch, I took a seat next to you and I accidentally touched your hand.. those soft skin on mine sent shivers down my spine. Then you moved a little as you muttered “personal space” I felt embarrassed and moved a little to the other side.. you continued eating without talking to me… I felt dejected.. Why can’t I sit next to you.. close enough to smell your strawberry shampoo.. close enough to hear you breathe.. close enough to see you closely.. I ate in silence..


2. be polite, greet when you meet.. no bashing

we walked together to our next class, our hands brushed a little. I blushed.. we met a couple of freshmen, they bowed and greeted “hello Kyuhyun-oppa”. I smiled and replied “hello”. They seemed happy to hear me reply.. I looked at you.. you were a little mad.. I didn’t know why.. I smiled but you frowned, said “enjoying your life with all those girls.. flirts” and walked away. I tried to catch up but with those long legs of yours, you sure walk fast. I was nearly out of breath when I finally caught up, that’s when I realize you stopped to greet the Chinese Prince Hankyung. You smiled, I frowned.. damn I’m so jealous! Why don’t you greet me like that? Why don’t you give me your sweetest smile?


3. be generous… share

When the classes ended I ran to the music room and lock myself in. I would hide from the rest of the world especially from those girls that want to devour me whole. There I daydream of how our wedding will be. You’ll be very pretty all dressed in white while I hold your hands tight. You’ll knock on the door, which always pull me back to reality. You’ll enter and sit by the piano. You’ll play the piano and let me sing. Your melody harmonizes well with me.. it’ll bring me back to my dreams.. one day I’ll hold you in my arms as I gently sing you a love song… but the song will end and my dreams will crumble like sand castles at the end of the day. I’ll leave silently for I’m afraid the tears will fall when I dare to speak. I keep this rendezvous to myself.. and no one will know.. just you and i..


4. Respect Privacy, no stalking


And there it was.. the end of the day. I purposely left my math book for I know you’ll hand it to me.. being the caring self you are. But if you didn’t then it’ll be ok.. I finished it anyway. And so there I wait near the flight of stairs.. you sure take your time. But then my little sister approaches me out of the blue.. she said she had a problem with this guy she’s been dating.. I rolled my eyes and spat.. “wookie what now?” she replied with.. “I think Henry is cheating on me!” I bit my lower lip and my fingers curled into a fist.. “let’s go” I beckoned and we’re off to kill that boy. I felt I was being followed but I didn’t pay much attention until I heard someone dropped something from behind the curve. I left my sister to check it out. I saw a book, it bore your name and so I yelled at my sister to go ahead and just meet up there… I ran to follow you.. but damn you’re so fast.. but then again luck must be on my side for I finally caught up and saw you.. with that boy my sister liked.. maybe she’s right.. her boyfriend had an affair.. it was you all along.. I walked away in disbelief.


5. fantasize.. infatuate.. but never… ever.. ever expect too much

I opened the book to answer the assignment. I knew this book wasn’t mine.. but I need to answer it.. or else Zhou Mi will fail.. she’s not dumb.. it’s just that she’ll have no more time to answer them tomorrow.. So I started browsing the pages and found a small slip of paper.

“I look at you and my heart beat faster

I took a deep breath and heard a ;little laughter..

I close my eyes, my visions are you..

I force a smile.. because you haven’t got a clue”

And at the back, written in bold letters..

Cho Mimi