Title: a turtle when you leave ~~

Pairing: YeWook + Ddangkoma, Ddangkoming and DDdangkomi

Genre: angst + fluff

Rating: PG

Summary: Yesung bought three turtles because?

A/n: because I adore those three turtles just as much as I adore their daddy (and mommy) ^^



He owns three turtles and he loves them so much. He stares at each of them with loving eyes and makes each one of them realize how much he loves them. There they were happily walking on their cage, oblivious to the tears that are falling from their daddy’s eyes.

“I love each and every one of you, Ma, Ming and Mi.”

He smiled and he suddenly felt warm arms around him, a soft kiss to his head and a sigh whispered near his ears.

“I don’t know why you even bought one… More over three! And the maknae is named after Mimi gege!”

“Ryeowook… you seriously don’t know?!?! I bought them because of you!”

The younger withdrew and sat on his bed sighing loudly.

“Why me? Am I that boring?”

The older took the eldest as he sat beside Ryeowook.

“No silly… I bought one each time you leave.. each a piece of memory to patch the hole you left.”

Ryeowook took the turtle and petted its head.

“You’re making me feel like I’m such a bad person leaving you and these turtles are your scapegoat.”

Yesung took the turtle away from Ryeowook and pouted.

“they are my babies.. I’m their daddy! They are not merely scapegoat and I love them..”

Ryeowook laughs at the older, maybe everyone is right, He is weird! But he loves him just the way he is, turtles and all..

“Ok.. ok.. but why three? Did I leave you that many times?”

Yesung smiled and placed the turtle back to its cage.


The first time Yesung bought a turtle was because he was bored and sad. His roommate was packing happily while he was there balled up in his bed not saying a word, not saying how lonely he is knowing he’ll be all alone for the next few months while Ryeowook does promotions for SJM.

“Take care for yourself Hyung!”

Ryeowook happily mutters before he left for the airport together with the rest of SJM members. Yesung sighs heavily for even though it has only been an hour, he missed the eternal maknae so much for he is not only a member, not only a roommate, but Yesung’s only love. Starring out into the open, he sees the lights turn on as the sun sets and the moon hangs peacefully in the sky. He wonders how the moon would look like in SJM’s dorm in China.

Next day, he took a stroll and passed by a pet shop. His eyes shined with light as he sees the lone turtle with dark brown and bright yellow shell and very cute eyes. His heart raced a thousand times and he never felt this way, not when Ryeowook smiled back at him and agreed to be his boyfriend.

He carried the turtle back home gently and carefully. The turtle reminded him of Ryeowook, those cute eyes that lovingly stare back at him.

“I’ll call you Ddangkoma! Such a cute name my dear child.”

Call him crazy, call him mad but that turtle is his child, maybe Ryeowook would agree to be its mommy~~


“Yeah I was surprised to be greeted by the adorable turtle..”

Yesung glared at him.

“ok fine.. our first child Ddangkoma.. he got my eyes~~”

Ryeowook smiled and Yesung kissed his cheeks.

“wanna know why I bought Ming?”

Ryeowook nodded as he took the second child and petted it.


The second time Yesung bought a turtle was when Ryeowook had a scheduled flight back to China for his scheduled concert of SJM. Ddangkoma is now six months old and Yesung can see his kid grow up so much that he thinks it needs another sibling to play with since Mommy won’t be there to join them for another couple of months.

Yesung felt his kid’s loneliness being alone in its cage without anyone to talk to but him when he has time or the ahjumma that clean its cage and feeds it when he has schedules. By now the other members were really wondering whether his mental health was in jeopardy since he is talking to a turtle and he even bought another one and named it Ddangkoming.

He didn’t care about the evil glare nor the accusations for he knows that this kid would make the older happier. And yes Ddangkoma was all bubbly when it saw the new playmate and it’s a mini version of him [or her I don’t know if Ma is a girl or boy XD]! isn’t it cute! He thought to himself. And so he now have 2 babies to remind him that Ryeowook was indeed gone and he has no one to talk to but them.

In his empty room, he often stays up reading books, but not for him but for his babies. Yes his babies.

“Mommy would be back soon and will be happy to see you both”

Yesung happily mutters.

When Ryeowook happily returned to Korea for the promotions of SJ’s new Album, he was very eager to see his first kid but was surprised to see a Ddangkoma clone!

“Yesung hyung!!! Did Ddangkoma lay eggs already?!?!”

Yesung hurriedly ran to Ddangkoma’s cage to see Ryeowook’s mouth hanging open and the two turtles sleeping peacefully.

“you gave me a scare!! Silly that’s the second child Ddangkoming!”

Ryeowook breathes out heavily and smiled.

“We are now a growing family!”


“You gave me a heart attack Ryeowook.. I thought KoMa was hurt or something!”

“But it was a mini Koma!!!”

“aren’t they cute?”

Ryeowook giggled as he puts Ddangkoming down and grabbed the maknae Ddangkomi.

“So I guess you bought Mi when I changed rooms!”

Ryeowook asked and Yesung nodded.


Yesung bought a third turtle and named it Ddangkomi. He was not similar to Ma and Ming for 1. Ryeowook didn’t leave for SJM promotions and 2. Ryeowook will never return to the same room to sleep.

Yesung bought Mi because Ryeowook moved up to the 12th floor dorm to have a room on his own. For years they were roommates and now, he was gone. Yesung sulked and begged but Ryeowook has to leave him.. not completely, he just needs space for his own! Ryeowook needs space for his Keyboard, his laptop, his clothes and all the fangifts Ryeosomnias were sending, the room wasn’t big enough for the 2 of them.

Yesung’s heart got broken and he ended up talking to his babies, but somehow, he wasn’t satisfied with two. So he dashed to the pet store and grabbed the pale green shelled turtle and named him after his new roommate Mimi. He was really sweet like Zhou Mi and he momentarily forgets the pain of Ryeowook Leaving.

Yesung’s mother dropped by often and she happily talks to the turtles.. I mean her grandchildren with a loving smile. Zhou Mi loved the turtles, most especially the oldest but he knew that they are YeWook’s babies so he can’t claim one, at least the maknae is named after him; he’s satisfied and he’d tell that to Yesung’s mom.

Ryeowook didn’t visit them for a while and when he did, he was surprised to see the third turtle but accepted it right away.


So three turtles were bought for the three times Ryeowook left Yesung. But he didn’t leave him completely, contrary, YeWook gained three babies for the three times Ryeowook leaves. So when SJM promotions start again, will Yesung buy a fourth one? What will he name it then?