Title: BF – Best friend or Boyfriend?!?

Author: jhengchie

Pairing: Eunhae

Genre: Fluff

Prompt: Angela by Super Junior. ^_^

Summary: Eunhyuk secretly loves his best friend but will his angel return his love?

A/N: this is for akihikaru for correctly guessing Kyuhyun in 15 verses. Ok for this fic, I enlisted the help of my sister henchie [lee] since the song prompt was Angela.. although it was an upbeat song..it’s English meaning is a little angsty.. and the genre requested was a fluff.. ^^; since my sister is a fluff master and a eunhae lover.. she is the right person to turn to!

There were a lot of times when Eunhyuk wanted to confess so badly: that what he really felt was something way beyond friends.. But there were times when all he could do is silently wait for the opportunity to tell how he feels, for he treasured friendship more than anything else in this world.

When management came up with the idea of having a rotational group, they instinctively chose Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, along with Kangin, Yesung, Heechul and the other members that we now know as Super Junior. Naturally, there’ll be those that quickly clicks as friends; take Hangeng and Siwon; they’re even sworn brothers.

Eunhae came as a surprise for the group; Because Donghae is of playful fish from Mokpo and eunhyuk is a rapper from ________. And the only thing that they share is dance and their age. But among the members, Donghae found it comfortable with Eunhyuk the most.

“eunhyuk-ah.. you should be my bf!”

Donghae blurted out one day when they were eating lunch and Eunhyuk choked on his food. When Eunhyuk looked at Donghae, something in his eyes melted Eunhyuk’s heart and all he could do is smile his gummy smile.

Dance practice was always fun. Well since it was Donghae and Eunhyuk’s forte, it’s always fun to work with someone you truly trust and care for, the two always have a blast. What was fun is the fact that Donghae likes to cuddle with Eunhyuk after practice or will drag Eunhyuk to take showers with him. The other members were a little uncomfortable with the idea but with Donghae’s innocence, it’ll end up looking like child’s play… very casual and playful. During these times, Eunhyuk would savour the moment when he can look at Donghae up close and without malice… with Donghae, everything is without malice.

Donghae and Soju don’t mix! That’s what Eunhyuk realized when Donghae got easily drunk during the celebration of their successful Super Show concert.

“Hyukkie!!! Ahh.. I see aliens… lots and lots of aliens!”

Eunhyuk cursed under his breath as he assisted the tipsy Donghae to his bed. Clearly Donghae can’t tolerate alcohol. As Eunhyuk stare at the drunken fishy, Eunhyuk can’t help but love the fishy and he forced himself not to kiss the sleeping fish.

Eunhyuk leaned closer and brushed the hair away from Donghae’s face and he softly and lovingly whispered

“I’ll love you everyday”

Donghae suddenly but sleepily got up, with half-lidded eyes and a silly smile, Eunhyuk fell off the bed.

“Hyukkie-ah… you?”

Then Donghae suddenly fell on his bed just as he got up and slept soundly with occasional.. hyukkie.. love.. fishy..

Eunhyuk breathe a sigh of relief as his heart raced a thousand miles per second.

What hurts the most is being the best friend at the background. And one time, Eunhyuk was caught off guard when Donghae suddenly joked around:

“Hyukkie, I had a dream one time that you said you loved me”

Eunhyuk was so surprised and tensed that he had cold sweat.

“ahh.. that..”

But Donghae shrugged the idea and smiled at Eunhyuk.

“ha.. maybe my imagination, you’re my bf!”

And Donghae snuggled close to Eunhyuk; his heart ached so much that he wanted to cry then and there but forced himself to hide the tears as he clutch the necklace inside his pocket.

It’s been the same story of unrequited love for Eunhyuk as he tried to be the best friend that Donghae expects him to be.

You are my angel, whisper softly dajeonghan soksagimeun "I love you, everyday"

Donghae repeatedly sings the phrase he most loved and this made it harder for eunhyuk to hide his heart.

meomoolleoya hanigga

Eunhyuk sang his part and Donghae frowned at him.

“why do you love that part Hyukkie?”

“I have no choice but to sing that part…”

Eunhyuk tried to explain but Donghae stomped off out of Eunhyuk’s room. It was now or never. And so with all the courage and will power, Eunhyuk sang his heart’s desire

You are my fishy, whisper softly dajeonghan soksagimeun "I love you, Lee Donghae"

Donghae turned around, and walked back to Eunhyuk with a cold face. Eunhyuk braced himself for the rejection, tears and whatever goes into it.

“I’ve always wanted to do this..”

Donghae pushed Eunhyuk against the bedroom wall and kissed him abusively; their teeth crashed and Eunhyuk’s lip bled.

“how could you take too long to confess! It’s hard trying to act too innocently! That I don’t want to do something when I drag you into the shower! When I wanted to kiss you every day! You’re so damn slow!”

Eunhyuk got a little scared and was stammering in his sentence.

“I … i… i…thought… you wanted… me… as.. your best friend..”

Donghae puffed his cheeks and kissed Eunhyuk’s hands.

“I wanted you to be my bf! Can you not read between the lines?”

Eunhyuk shook his head as tears suddenly fell from his eyes.

“Don’t cry.. this should be a fluff.. a happy story!”

“how can I not cry when you’re stepping on my foot!”

Eunhyuk pushed away Donghae who fell on the bed and he rushed outside the room and closed the door.

“that hurts!”

Donghae shouted as he chased after the monkey, but when he opened the door, Eunhyuk frightened him and Donghae screamed as he pounded on Eunhyuk forcefully.

“what are you! Aliens! Hyungs! Aliens!”

“that hurts! Ouch, hae! Stop it!”

Eunhyuk grabbed Donghae’s wrists and stopped him from pounding. And for the first time in years, the two stare at each other’s eyes and saw love overflowing. Eunhyuk leaned closer to kiss and Donghae closed his eyes. But Donghae never felt the kiss and when he opened his eyes, Eunhyuk had his gummy smile on, and he blew on Donghae’s face.


Eunhyuk ran away fast and Donghae smiled before chasing the lover.

“I’ll get you Lee Hyukjae!”

Donghae shouted as he chased after Eunhyuk around the dorm.

“but I love you Lee Donghae!”

Eunhyuk shouted back.

a//n: tried my hardest to make it as fluff as possible.. hope you like this one.. and I tried not to add any smut.. although I was really close to adding one.. hahaha.. just remembered that you’re underage ^^;

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