Title:  We’re just friends

Author: jhengchie

Pairing: Eunhae, with Yewook, KyuMin, Taeyeon Yoona

Genre: Romance, humor

Rating: PG-15

Summary: When will they realize that they are more than friends?

A/N: This is a fanfic prize I did for my LJ reader^^

Update: Vietnamese translation by Shuichi Kurama >> Here<<



The fans would scream as the two idols cuddle with each other; it’s called fanservice if you haven’t noticed. Of all the pairings in this group, Eunhae is like the legend and most popular. Why?

Donghae and Eunhyuk was born on the same year, thus same age. Eunhyuk even mentioned he was very close to Donghae because of the same age group. Their friendship has long been established and this inseparable pair had stood the test of other pairings: beating Yewook Hanchul, Shihan, Kyumin, q mi and even OT3, sorry qmimin.. Eunhae is just too powerful.. even shihanchul can’t beat them.

Despite the constant chants and hints, both denied a relationship.

“we’re just friends!”

Donghae would insist that they are just friends.

Even though the others tried hard to make the couple comprehend, it will all end up with nothing…

We’re just friends

“yah right.. we’re just friends…” Sungmin muttered after a concert and the two were taking showers at the same time.

“why can’t they just admit it?”

Sungmin was a little frustrated with all the denial and such..

“Sungmin, breathe.. it’s not your business anyway if they don’t want to admit it..”

Kyuhyun calmed the bunny princess and handed him a pink bunny keychain.

“here, for your collection..”

Sungmin instantly smiled, and hugged the boyfriend.


When SJ-M leaves for China, Eunhyuk would be teary eyed and would cry like hell the night before, leaving Donghae no choice but to be with the monkey until sleep dawn on them. On the plane, Donghae would be all so lonely and wishes hyukkie was with him, he has nobody to play with.

One time, kyuhyun was playing on his laptop when Ryeowook interrupted him.

“not now Wookie… I’m very busy..”

“ok.. if that’s what you really feel..”

Ryeowook went back to his room and replaced the headphones.

“oh sorry Sungmin, kyuhyun’s busy.. I did try to make him go online.. now can you please return Ddangkkoma and leave Yesung’s webcam?”

Upon hearing the name Sungmin, Kyuhyun quickly closes the game and went online.

“hello Minnie.. how’d you been..”

Kyuhyun sheepishly smiled as Sungmin pouted..

“so you have time for games but none for me.. “

“noh.. what makes you think that?

“I have to scare the hell out of Yesung to ask wookie to check up on you and wookie don’t lie!”

“ok.. you got me.. I thought you were having a tv shoot today.. “

“that was yesterday!”

Donghae was amused at how the four can hold such relationship, it seems unnatural, but never the less, he opened the browser and watched his monkey as the other hosted his radio show.

Hyukkie.. you look good today please play SNSD’s OH!

Donghae sent the email and a little later, a smile was seen in hyukjae’s face as the song oh! Was being played.


“I missed you!”

These were the welcoming words Hyukjae had for his fishy and the fishy hugged the missed monkey, Sungmin’s eyes rolled as he gets sick of the cliché

“just admit it!” Sungmin yelled at the two who just blankly stared at him.

“we’re just friends!”

The two said in unison and Sungmin stomped off to his room, again Kyuhyun needs to find a way to cool down the bunny princess.

“I’ll be making dinner, do you want anything Yesung? Donghae? Eunhyuk?”

The two shook their head, clearly indulged in the conversation while Yesung embraced the lover and kissed him on the cheeks..

“anything you cook is fine with me.. I missed you so much”

“PDA much!” Donghae and eunhyuk said in unison.

“so what?! We’re more than friends!”

Yesung scolded the two, Ryeowook just giggled.


“Do you like SNSD that much?”

Donghae asked his monkey as they practiced their dance battle.

“duh! You’re talking to a fanboy!”

“really.. “

“so you really like dancing GEE..”

Eunhyuk nodded.

“”you like Jessica right?”

“I guess..”


“oppa.. help me!”

Yoona came suddenly and almost cried at Ryeowook..

“something that bothers you?”

“I want to bake a really nice cake!”

“for whom?”

“shhh! It’s for Eunhyuk oppa, he’ll be celebrating his birthday soon..”


“HE’s an SNSD fanboy.. so we really want to do something to thank him..”

“oh ok.. I’ll drop by your dorm this weekend.. let’s bake the best cake!”

That weekend, Ryeowook came to the SNSD dorm.

Taeyeon and Yoona welcomed him and the girls were overly excited.

They baked not one, not two… but three three-tiered cake! Wow Eunhyuk is one lucky guy!


Donghae arranged a simple party for his monkey; it was his birthday after all. He had baked a cake, tricking Ryeowook that it was for his own curiosity and besides, he really wanted to eat one. He asked Hangeng to teach him how to cook Beijing Fried Rice and even called his mom for the seaweed soup recipe. It was all set and all he needed was Eunhyuk.



Eunhyuk’s eyes were shining as tears threaten to fall; it’s well known that he is very sentimental.

The girls greeted him and gave their gifts, so lucky.. having nine lovely ladies throw him a surprise party. There were three three-tiered cakes in blue, white and pink. There were also flowing drinks and food, as Super Junior were all invited.

“Thank you so much for supporting us!”

Yoona said as she handed the group’s present [this was different from the personal gifts].

“may Super Junior continue to pursue success.. let’s all work hard and support each other” Taeyeon added.

The room was filled with cheers and song as Eunhyuk happily celebrated his birthday.. except one lone soul. Donghae’s heart was crushed by the sudden surprise party.. and this was way better than what he’d plan for his monkey. His head suddenly hurt and excused himself. Ryeowook had a bad feeling about it.

The party lagged on for hours as they perform various songs and dances; Kangin was clearly drunk.

Eunhyuk was very touched and Happy about all of it that he didn’t even notice his fishy had already disappeared, not until they boarded the SUV to go back to the dorms.

“where’s HAe?” Hyukjae asked Sungmin who shrugged his shoulders.

“he excused himself three hours ago, seems like he had a migraine or something.”

Ryeowook told the birthday boy..

“oh.. I hope he’s fine.”


Donghae confined himself inside his room and held back the sobs so as no one can hear. He felt so useless as he think of the stupid things he did for Eunhyuk’s surprise birthday.. yah.. he can’t beat what SNSD had done, besides he’s a fanboy.

We’re just friends

“but why do I feel like I wanted to be more than friends.”

Donghae heard his hyungs enter the 12th floor dorm and pretended to be asleep. He covered his head with the blanket and kept his eyes shut. Light peeped into his room and a familiar voice was heard.

“HAe.. are you ok? I hope you feel better soon.”

It was Eunhyuk, who went straight to Donghae after emerging out of the SUV. Eunhyuk left the room and asked Leeteuk to take care of his fishy. Donghae felt like his heart broke into pieces; he thought Eunhyuk had completely ignored his present and so he cried.


Eunhyuk gloomily entered the dorm and ignored Sungmin and Ryeowook. He went straight to his room and didn’t even bother to open the lights. As he plopped on his bed, he screamed like an idiot! Sungmin and Ryeowook came rushing to his room, and opened the lights. There they saw eunhyuk full of fried rice and soaking wet with seaweed soup; both laughed hard.

“stop laughing and help me out of this mess!”

The two tried to stop laughing as they help Eunhyuk up to his feet.

“who is stupid enough to place all these stuff in my bed!”

Eunhyuk grumpily asked as he brushed off the rice and turn to his drawer to get some new clothes to put on, but he stopped half-way.

Eunhyuk became teary eyed as he slowly approached the dresser near the window, partly covered by the bookshelf at first glance, and saw a little blue box. He opened the box to reveal a blue cake with simple greetings..

To my monkey..

From your fishy…

Sungmin and Ryeowook approached the birthday boy and saw the cake which Donghae made; sure it wasn’t a three tiered cake.. nor was it perfectly made.. but Ryeowook knew how much effort and love Donghae had given in making that special cake for his monkey.

“ahh.. so my theory is right, Donghae wanted to learn how to bake a cake because he wanted to give you one for your birthday.”

Before another word can be said, Eunhyuk run off to the 12th floor dorm and knocked hurriedly on the door. When Leeteuk answered the door, Eunhyuk ignored the leader and went straight to Donghae. He opened the lights that made Donghae squint, Eunhyuk can see Donghae’s red and puffy eyes.. Donghae tried to cover his face and looked away.

“I’m ok… just that this head ache..”

“you’re lying!”

“no! why would I lie?”

Just then, Eunhyuk silenced the fishy as he kissed him passionately; Donghae can smell and taste Seaweed soup and fried rice.

“we’re just friends!”

Donghae blurted out and pushed Eunhyuk away, tears were now falling..

“I don’t care! I want to be more than friends!”

“you do?”

Eunhyuk hugged the latter as he muttered “I love you” sweetly in Donghae’s ears; Donghae smiled and hugged back.



“I love you too but..”

Donghae broke off from the hug.

“but what?”

Eunhyuk was teary eyed, maybe he’ll get rejected.

“can you change? You’re soaking wet and you look liked you just dived into a pool full of fried rice and seaweed soup.”

Eunhyuk scratched his head as a gummy smiled appeared on his face. Donghae quickly kissed him on the lips before getting some fresh clothes and changed. Then he accompanied eunhyuk to his dorm, walking hand in hand. Sungmin opened the door and was shocked to see Eunhyuk with Donghae. The two went straight to Eunhyuk’s room where Ryeowook just finished cleaning up. They locked the door; Ryeowook and Sungmin Stared at each other before deciding to eavesdrop.


“you could’ve told me a while ago that you have a party planned for me.. I shouldn’t have attended that one..”

Eunhyuk said as he changed his clothes.

“yah.. then it won’t be a surprise party..”

“oh yeah.. so did you really bake this?”

Donghae nodded.

“it tastes great..”

Eunhyuk said as he tasted some of the cake, a little icing was left on his upper lip as he munch on a piece.

“really?! Let me have a taste of it”

Eunhyuk took a slice of the cake and was about to hand it to Donghae when Donghae kissed him.

“yeah.. the cake tastes great.. “ Donghae muttered.


Out side Ryeowook and Sungmin were wide eyed.

“see I told you so! It’s official they’re a couple!”

Ryeowook screamed as he jump up and down.

“we’re just friends! Boyfriends!” Eunhae shouted from the room.

“yah right.. took you so long to realize that!” Sungmin retaliated but was very happy for the couple.