Title: I knew we were loved.

Author: Jhengchie

Pairing: Henwook and qmimin with the rest of super junior

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Fear consumed the two awkward member when the plane landed only to feel loved and accepted.

A/n: Wrote this after missing SS2 Manila and reading a fan account at how the concert was a blast~~ will write SS3 Fanfics soon

Henry watched the peaceful clouds roll by his plane window as the plane Approached Manila. Ryeowook was taking a nap beside him and he sighed as he tries to calm his nerves. It’s the fear of not knowing what to expect that gets him. He knows that Super Junior was popular in the Asian Country and that they were not the first Kpop band to perform there: Sandara was an actress and singer there before, 4 Minute did their mall tours, FT Island had their concert, and Ukiss did their shows too. Henry wasn’t too worried if the tickets were sold out or not, what he fears was the SJ13 chants and the rejection of the Filipino ELFs.

Ryeowook woke up and held Henry’s hands just as the plane was landing. He always tried his best to calm his boyfriend at every time the plane lands.

“it’ll be ok Henry, I read some fanfics supporting you, and some of them are Filipinos..”

“yah.. I just hope so.”

Henry forced a smile but he was really feeling sick at what awaits him. There was chaos and screams and he recalled Taiwan, but unlike Taiwan, the Security was a little better and they all boarded the vans before being mobbed by the screaming fans holding tarpaulins with their faces. Henry sighed as he noticed a very large SJ13 tarpaulin in blue.

“Henry, look over there!”

Ryeowook pointed out outside and saw a poster with his name and picture. Henry smiled as he stare at his name and the cute little heart with it. He listened and there were screams. Out of the deafening scream, Henry could hear someone chants his name.

“you see Henry, they love you .. and Zhou mi too!”

Ryeowook was happy as he pointed at Zhou mi who was waving at the fans who were holding mimi fans in Hello Kitty.

“ah.. mimi.. ooh.. it’s in pink.. you’re name in pink fans! I’m so jealous!”

Sungmin said as he happily cheers for the lover.

“I’m just so glad that we were received well…”

Henry said as he rested his head, maybe the last SS2 show wouldn’t be so bad.

It wasn’t bad at all..

Because when Super Junior performed for thousands of screaming fans, they were not screaming for 13, but for 15; technically it was only twelve but the pinoy ELF loved each and every member regardless. It was never that hard for Filipinos to accept such talented boys, they deserve the love.

Henry nervously grabs his violin and waited fro his cue. Zhou mi was there beside him and patted him on the back.

“good Luck henry.. “

Zhou mi said and Henry nodded. Although he saw one poster of himself, one among thousands is a faint voice in this coliseum. And on cue, Henry stepped on the stage and played his violin solo. The crowd went wild and Henry can hear the crowd chants his name. He looked at Ryeowook and He can see him smile so widely, despite the slight fever he’s been experiencing.

And all of the sudden, a wide smile appeared on his face, something that has been taken away from him for a long time, he was loved and people accepts him.

It was not a Super Show if it wasn’t an epic show. The boys were very eager to perform for the Filipino crowd, because they were not only welcomed, they were given lots of love. But what made the boys very happy, is the fact that the Filipino ELFS love each and every member and especially cheered for the two who have always felt criticized.

“you see Henry.. they love you.. I’m so happy!”

Ryeowook hugged the lover as they took a short break.

“is it real Wookie, I can hear my name..”

“they all love you.. so impress them with your solo!”

Wookie kissed him before going on stage for their performance.

For the first time in years, Henry was very happy to perform. He may not know the language, neither the fans understand Hangul, the overflowing of love transcends the language barrier.

And when they reached the point where they’ll perform their solos, each member received a lot of Saranghae and loud screaming of their names. Henry and Zhou mi was feeling the pressure as they will now perform on their own, without the hyungs for help.

Zhou mi stood in the middle of the stage and started singing with his amazing voice. It was beautiful and everyone was very moved. He wasn’t expecting to receive such love and support but as he look around the endless sea of blue pearls, he can see some hello kitty’s being waved. He approached the lucky fans and shook their hands; he was very thankful to all and the crowd screams his name over and over and over again.. Zhou mi, zhou mi He was happy not to give up.

Zhou mi was welcomed by a warm kiss by Sungmin and looked at the hello kitty fan he took from a fan.

“this is so cute mimi.. can I have this? I’ll put this on our room!”

Sungmin was all bouncy and Zhou was still shocked at the reception.

“they love you Mimi, like we all do.”

Kyuhyun kissed the lover and finally, Zhou mi was able to take everything in, he was loved.. always have been.

Henry took the stage and the crowd went super wild. Henry is a prodigy and a talent you shouldn’t miss. As he started singing, the crowd almost died with his hotness.. they already have incoherent thoughts as Henry dance so wickedly sexy and hot and if there were no guards there, the fan girls might have devoured him for his sexiness.

He did his beat box and it was all over, the crowd lost all remaining sanity and they were converted into Henry-chanting-zombies. It was nostalgic as Henry closed his very tiny eyes and get absorbed at the screaming. This was his utmost dream and it was finally fulfilled.

“I told you Henry, they love you “

Ryeowook hugged his mocchi and all that Henry could do was smile at his lover, at his hyungs, at his noonas, his managers, everyone.

And when he did perform with SJM, it was all out and He can feel the genuine love and Hospitality the Filipinos can give and offer. And as the curtain closes and the end of the Asian tour was finally reached, Henry shouted thank you for now he knew not everyone in the whole world hated him, at least someone loves him aside Ryeowook and his Hyungs; Zhou mi had the same sentiments. And Leeteuk was very happy with the crowd and thanked them sincerely; for they helped the two unloved members finally realized that they are loved by other people and that they are always welcome.

“hyung, I want to go back here..”

Henry said to their manager and he smiled back.

“that could be arranged, work hard and let’s see..”

Henry was motivated to work hard and Ryeowook was very happy that his mocchi was loved. But that night, he wrote in his blog before he slept:

Filipino ELFS really did spread the SUJU love, I’m very thankful. I can tell a lot of you loved my Henry. As much as I wanted to share him with all of you, Henry is mine.. only mine! But thank you for loving Henry and all of Super Junior!

Mahal Ko Kayo..

And so it ended just like that, all the members were happy for all the love they received: they knew they were loved, but they never knew how much.