title: [one-shot] My first Lady

Author: jhengchie

Pairing: Yewook [girl!Ryeowook], slight kyuwook and kyumin

subject: Romance, politics,

rating: PG

summary: Behind every great man is a woman.

a/n: Written on Mother’s day, a day before the Philippine 2010 National Election

Among hundreds of girls in the school campus, Yesung chose a simple girl to be his girlfriend. It was never an easy task but he never gave up.

“yesung-oppa, I’m sorry but I would want to finish my studies first before having a boyfriend”

Ryeowook said as she rejected Yesung when he asked for a date. It was plain and cold but Yesung took it well. He liked a challenge and Ryeowook is a challenge. She’s not so easy to get and she has her principles straight. Her life is simple and her smile is warm: this is the type of girl Yesung sees as his wife.

Yesung waited for the right time, during their graduation, Yesung handed her his second button and formally asked her parents to court their daughter, they agreed although they reminded the lad that it’s still Ryeowook’s decision if she would accept him or not.

Four years of college didn’t stop Yesung from pursuing the girl, she was a smart student and a dean’s lister. She is the envy of her class since two popular campus crushes had interest in her: Yesung was the first, Kyuhyun was the second. For this, Sungmin hated her so much for the bunny princess liked Kyuhyun. But Ryeowook smiled at her and told her that she is not interested with anyone right now, at least until their graduation.

Four long years, Yesung courted the young lady, his strength unwavering, his hope ongoing, his love over flowing. It took no time for Ryeowook to realize that she loved the young lad, but she promised herself that she won’t have any relationship before graduation. And so she did.

When the diplomas were received and togas were thrown up in the air, Ryeowook was greeted by a happy smile and a bouquet of flowers from Yesung. He invited her to dinner and Ryeowook finally met his parents.

He came from a known political family and his parents were very warm and welcoming.

“Ryeowook ah, how long have you dated him?”

“dad.. I told you, we’re not dating.. I’m courting her..”

Ryeowook blushed and she answered

“if you would let me, I like to spend my lifetime with your son.”

Yesung’s mouth hang open as he stare at the blushing Ryeowook. He set his fork down and he held Ryeowook’s hands.

‘are you saying you’re saying yes?”

Ryeowook nodded and the rest was history. She became the wife of a political leader. His father retired from politics to enjoy his private life with his wife. Yesung took over and slowly climbed the ladder of a wild world of politics.

Each campaign, Ryeowook would stand by his side, holding his hands and silently supporting his husband. And each time he wins, Ryeowook would be the first to congratulate the husband.

She did her part as a wife, mother and daughter: She gave birth to two lovely sons and a daughter. She became a good mother to her kids and a wife to her husband. She also became a mother to her husband’s subordinates, a friend to all and their voices to reach her husband.

And when National election came, Ryeowook was there to support her husband. But his first try at the highest position was a fail. He lost to a veteran and a much more experienced politician. Ryeowook was first to console him. He did try his best yet again and tried for the second time.

Ryeowook prayed even more as Yesung took another shot at the position, this time he was successful. Ryeowook was there when the votes were casted, she was there when they announced the winners, she was there in his inauguration, she was there on his first day, until his last day in office.

Ryeowook was the first lady and the Nation treated her as the mother of all. She treated each and everyone as her child, sister and friends. she wanted to help her husband in any way she can.. and so she silently came up with plans that could possibly help this country. But she kept it inside for she was afraid that these were never good enough. When Yesung discovered the plans his wife came up with, a smile came to his handsome face and talked to his wife.

“these are really good plans wookie, why didn’t you suggest them to me?”

“I was afraid that they are not good enough..”

“no wookie.. they are very good.. and I want you to work on them, be the mother for this country”

And she did became the mother of this country as she started working hard to fulfill her duties as the first lady. She set up foundations for women and children: she focused on giving livelihood for single moms and abused wives. She gave attention and dedication to education and each and every public school was revamped and their status became elevated. Scholarships were given to deserving students. Women and children were protected by a resolution she co-authored. There was a lot she did for her country, and her husband was proud of her.

So when the time came that Yesung finally retired from his position, he happily stepped down and handed the office to the duly elected president and best friend, Kyuhyun.

They returned to their old house and she reminisced her past life: her simple life as a wife and mother. She smiled as her husband kissed her lovingly: he led the country to a vision of progress and she helped him achieved these goals. It was team work that led them to make Korea as one of the progressing countries in Asia. And now that they did their part, they bid good luck to their successors.

A knock was heard from their front door and Ryeowook gladly opened them. She was surprised to see several guards that lined their front door. Then all of a sudden, she was embraced by a friend she missed for sol long.


Then Kyuhyun waved at her and she welcomed both inside their humble house.

“Yesung, the president is visiting us today.”

Yesung greeted their guests and Kyuhyun was a little shy.

“you don’t have to be so formal, I am still your friend”

Yesung smiled and the two took the chance to talk. Minnie took the chance to talk with Ryeowook as they cook for their husbands.

“ I envy you.. “

Minnie said and Ryeowook smiled back.

“what for?”

“for being so loved by all. I think Kyuhyun just married me because he took pity”

Ryeowook comforted the friend.

“you know what Minnie, before he courted you, Kyuhyun told me that he has to let me go. He said that he needed the space I occupy in his heart to let him love you with all his heart.”

Minnie hugged the friend and asked

“how did you do it? how did you become such a great first lady?”

Ryeowook sighed and smiled back.

“Minnie, be a good wife to your husband and be the mother of this country. and don’t forget to love yourself. I have faith in you and I know that you’ll be the best first lady this country will ever have.”

“thank you.”

And as the two said goodbye, Yesung wrapped his hands around her waists and kissed her tenderly.

“Kyuhyun will do well because Minnie is there to support him.”

Ryeowook said and Yesung smiled at him.

“I know, I did well because you are with me.. and you never left my side.”

And the two danced inside their living room to the sound of their beating hearts.

“You’ll always be my first lady…”

“and you’ll always be the president in my heart.”

She’ll always be the first lady everyone loved and remembered. And as mothers’ day came, her children gave her a necklace and a bouquet of roses. She thanked them dearly and was happy to be loved and remembered. A knock on the door and when she opened them, hundreds of bouquets, cards, letters and stuffed toys arrived in their door step and Ryeowook was surprised with the overwhelming love for her.

No one forgets a president… but not every first lady is remembered