Most Beautiful Person Alive

Song Prompt: Pinakamagandang lalaki (Most beautiful man) by Janno Gibbs

Author: jhengchie

pairing: Eunhae [girl!Donghae], broken!Kihae

subject: Romance, friendship, crack and fluff, AU

rating: PG

summary: but I never thought that a person like you, would fall for someone like me… I thought that it can only happen in a dream

Wag isipin, Ako’y nagbibiro lamang

(Don’t even think that I am only fooling around)

The first time that Hyukjae stepped into his new High school, he felt really normal and nothing special will happen. He is the new kid in town and he already anticipated all the bullying and insulting that will come his way. It sucks to transfer schools every year, but it can’t be helped, his dad’s work is pretty mobile, they have to go with it or else… they won’t be able to live our daily lives.

He entered the room with his head down low and a frown on his pale face. He never liked introduction and henever liked being stared at.

“Hello.. I’m Lee Hyukjae, nice to meet you all” he said in a very soft voice that no one seemed to notice. It was a crappy school and no one’s worth the time. The students are pretty much delinquents and the teachers doesn’t care much. He was instructed to find a vacant seat, which was pretty hard to do when the class is in disarray. He finally found one and sat on it, there were gasps.

One moment later, a hunk and his girlfriend entered, the room became silent. Kibum was well-known in this school; it was his territory. He ruled the school for the third year now and his girlfriend, Donghae, was the living proof of his power and dominance. Donghae is the untouchable campus crush and only Kibum has the authority to interact with her.

Kibum kicked the table in front of Hyukjae which made the latter stand up in surprise.

“What is your problem?” Hyukjae yelled


At wag sabihin, Ako’y nagyayabang lamang

(And don’t even say that I’m only bragging)

Everyone held their breathe as Kibum let go of Donghae and his fingers rolled into a fist. Hyukjae stood his ground and held his head up high.

“it’s my seat you’re occupying!” Kibum told him in an angry voice.

“oh.. really.. well then sorry..”

“You are such an arrogant bitch!”

Kibum was about to throw a punch at Hyukjae when Donghae calmed the warring boyfriend.

“it’s not worth making a fuzz over.. it’s just a seat..”

“good thing my babe is here or you’ll never wake up ever again.” Kibum threatened the newbie as he took the seat and onghae sat beside him.

Hyukjae held the tears to himself as he was an emotional person but he just couldn’t let Donghae see his softer side, he can’t.

Hyukjae ate his lunch somewhere in one of the secluded areas of the campus. He never liked interaction and he was avoiding a certain someone. But fate may have been a little cruel for this brave soul.


Hyukjae almost spilled his lunch as he heard a soft voice behind him, he turned to see who just spoke.

“oh.. hello..”

“sorry ‘bout that earlier.. Kibum is just a little tempermental..”

“yah.. I see that..”

“oh, I’m Donghae..”

Donghae extended a hand which Hyukjae reluctantly shook.

“ah.. hyukjae.. I don’t think it’s a great idea associating yourself with me.. I mean your boyfriend won’t like the idea..”

“nah… oh well.. I’m getting bored with him.. he’s too hot headed..”


“you saw him earlier..”

“oh yeah..”

“you are brave enough to stand up to him.. I’m impressed..”

“oh.. that.. just my luck.. I’m not that…”

“hmm.. you are braging!”

“nah-ah.. I’m not bragging”

And the two laughed as they eat their lunches


Di malaman, anong nakita mo sa’kin

(I still don’t know what you saw in me)

The days that followed became a surprise when Donghae broke up with Kibum. The whole campus pointed the finger on hyukjae but he shrugged his shoulders. Kibum was never the same as he sulked and cried and became a silent soul, it was very unusual.

“he should’ve seen it coming!” Domghae remarked as she sat beside Hyukjae

“but I don’t get it.. why would you broke up with him?” Hyukjae was a little confused

“He was getting way to clingy and not to mention possessive..”

“oh.. but I do see the reason why he was like that..” Hyukjae told her in a very serious tone, Donghae smiled at him.

“ha.. I mean.. you are a fine girl and you will be a perfect girlfriend..” Hyukjae tried to make an alibi

“Oh well guys have to wait a thousand years to get me..” Donghae said proudly as she arranged her hair and skirt.

“so you have someone in your heart..” Hyukjae asked gloomily

“yes.. and he is the man of my dreams, He’s strong-willed, very gullible, confident and very good-looking.”

“ha.. lucky guy..” Hyukjae commented as he hang his head and sulk at Donghae’s words: he will never be the one that Donghae will love. He missed the precious smile and wink that Donghae gave after her sentence.


Ngunit di ko na, inakala na… Ang isang tulad mo… ay iibig sa, isang tulad ko

Akala ko, hanggang panagip na lang

(but I never thought that a person like you, would fall for someone like me… I thought that it can only happen in a dream)

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and hyukjae was losing all hope in finding the right way to express his feelings for the girl he loves. He sighs as he stare at the setting sun, his eyes filled with tears that are bound to fall.

“wow.. sentimental much!” Donghae said as she sat next to him, Hyukjae wiped the tears in his eyes quickly.

“oh.. ha.. just recalling some memories..”

“hmm.. Hyukjae.. have you fallen in love?”

Hyukjae’s mouth gape at the question, Donghae laughed at him.

“sorry.. did I startle you?”

“oh.. ha.. yah.. well I could say that I have fallen in love..” Hyukjae blushed a little


“I guess..”

“oh well it’s getting late.. I should get going” Donghae walked away with a heavy heart at the words hyukjae muttered, but there could have been a chance that she is the person hyukjae loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The girls were all anxious to give their Valentine’s chocolates to Kibum, which to everyone’s surprise was eager to receive them and even entertained the girls, Dongahe just smiled.

“I see a big difference in Kibum” Hyukjae commented

“oh yeah.. hmm.. I don’t see you holding any chocolates” Donghae asked and Hyukjae just blushed

“you are waiting for her right?” Donghae continued as the smile faded from her face, Hyukjae hung his head until they reached their usual place.

Hyukjae sighed in relief as he tried to hold back the tears. Dongahe grabbed something from her bag and turned to Hyukjae. She bowed her head and extended a blue box with silver ribbon, Hyukjae was surprised.

“Even though you have someone else in your heart, I still hope that there is still a chance to see me in a different way. I’ve always admired you and my heart beats only for you…”

Donghae was about to cry when Hyukjae grabbed the box and held Donghae close to him, embracing her. Donghae can feel hyukjae’s heartbeat as tears flowed from the sentimental guy.


Ako na yata ang pinakamagandang lalaki Sa mundo, sa piling mo, Pagkasama kita ang nadarama

(I may have been the most handsome man in this world. When I am with you, that is what I am feeling)

“I never thought that I’ll hear that from you..”

Donghae wrapped her arms around hyukjae and buried her head on his chest as tears silently flow.

“do you love me too?” She asked with her innocent eyes, hyukjae smiled his gummy smile.

“of course.. I always loved you since day one.”

“Oh hyukkie! Saranghae..”


The two held hands as they go back to their room, all of the people that they passed BY STARED AT THEM. Donghae cared less as she happily skip her way, dragging Hyukjae. Kibum extended a hand when the two reached their room.

“I’m glad Donghae is with you, I love her and could’nt be any happier handing her to someone that cantrully protect her.”

Hyukjae shook hands and smiled back

“I never thought I could have her.. I mean.. I’m inferior to you..”

“hmmm.. you are very much superior than me.. Donghae fell for you!”

Hyukjae smiled his gummy smile as he took in Kibum’s words: he is after all Donghae’s love.. the campus girl’s love.. among the hundreds of guys, Donghae chose him.. he felt like the most handsome prince in this entire world. Donghae chose him.


Ako na yata ang pimakamagandang lalaki Sa mundo…

(I may have been the most handsome man in this world.)

And as they make their way through graduation, Hyukjae still feels the same, he is the most beautiful person alive, being chosen by the most beautiful girl alive.

“oh hyukkie.. you will always be handsome in my eyes..”

Donghae said, irritated at the question.



“I still can’t believe you chose me..”

“I told you already..”

“yah.. and I do feel like I’m the most beautiful person alive.. well that is when I’m with you…”

“I’ll always be with you!”