Title:  What about the last dance?

Pairings: HenWook, HanChul, Kyumin ;ryeowook, sungmin and heechul are girls!]

Rating: PG-13

Genre:  romance, friendship, AU, angst

Summary: It was halloween once again and the annual Halloween costume/masquerade ball is already set. Ryeowook was being annoyed by her pesky classmate Henry while Sungmin tries her best to get the campus crush, kyuhyun’s attention. Everybody was excited for the ball especially the traditional last dance, will the girls and boys get their last dances with the person they love? Or will it just be another gloomy Halloween for them?

As I look around the room in the corner where I sat, papers and foils littered the place. Students kept on running in and out of the room as if being chased by someone or something. The place was a mess… the students were at a haste.. it was crunch time.. we need to finish this or else.. we can’t go home. So I decided to help for the last time.

“What is so important about this ball? It’s just Halloween..”

I asked our campus geek..

“well, wookie.. It’s the tradition.. it is believed that when a couple danced the last dance, they will be inseparable. So each year, girls would hope to dance with their lovers.. and crushes.. those kind of stuff. “

She replied with stars in her eyes, I guess she’s one of those girls… as I was picking up the pieces of gold foil scattered around the room, something fell on me.. I shrieked like there’s no tomorrow, and my best friend Minnie and unni Heechul came rushing by my side.

“what happened? Wookie?”

Minnie asked me with a worried face..

“Wookie baby.. what’s wrong?”

My unni added. Then Laughter filled the room. As I turned around to see where the laughter came from, my eyes widened and tears

formed in my eyes..

“hahahahah, Wookie.. you’re such a crybaby.. afraid of a rubber spider!!!”

Henry was playfully teasing me and then all hell broke loose.


I shouted at the top of my lungs, this brought shocked not only to Henry, but also to my unni and BFF, and most of all to me! Then I walked out while tears falling.. my unni and BFF chased after me.

“neh.. wookie! Baby! Stop running..”

“Hey baby, can you talk to your bud.. I think he needs some help over there..”

Heechul said to her boyfriend HanGeng. Hangeng did as he was told, he approached Henry who was now staring down at the floor.. speechless. Hangeng knelt down and asked

“Are you ok? What happened?”

Henry just shrugged off Hangeng and made his way out of the room. Not a sound was muttered.

I run until I reached my locker. I opened it and there fell a piece of paper:

Please be my Last Dance

~ admirer

What was that? I didn’t know what or how to react.. I was very pissed with Henry that I just threw the paper into the trash bin.. but was short and landed on the floor. Moments later.. someone picked up the piece of paper and kept it inside his pocket.


“Mom, I’m not going to that stupid ball.. and why should I wear that costume?”

I barked at my mom who was handing me her wedding gown and tiara. I am not going as Cinderella!! But my mom gave me that dress and dragged me to wear it. I wriggled and tried to escape my mom, but she was smarter. stronger and faster, I had no choice but to wear the gown. My big brother came to check up on me..

“Heechul called and was worried about you.. I said you were struggling with your outfit.. and by the way.. you look pretty good with that on..”

Kangin, my brother commented…

“stop staring at me..”

I demanded and locked my door. Who am I kidding.. I was never cute like Minnie, I was never popular like Heechul..

Finally the day of the ball came. My mom woke up extra early for breakfast, she argued that I should relax and just chill so that I could be the prettiest girl at the ball.

“Mom.. I’m not Cinderella and there is no prince charming at the ball!”

“Says who?”

my mom retaliated. I had no choice but to wear the costume and attend the ball.


It was past 6 when I arrived at the ball, the program will start in 15 minutes… I found my BFF wearing a very cute waitress’ dress with matching bunny ears.. Heechul was wearing a Chinese princess outfit to match Hangeng’s emperor’s outfit.. wow..what a pair.. as I approached them they were in awe..

“wookie.. wow.. you look like a princess.. but Heechul’s my only princess..”

Hangeng quickly added while flashing a smile to Heechul. I never knew I had it in me.. I could be a princess..

“so did you two girls already found your last dances?”

Heechul unni asked.. we both shrugged our shoulders..

“Never mind that, C’mon let’s go inside.. my name’s being called..”

We all went inside and saw the fruits of our labor; the school gym was converted into a spooky castle ballroom.

I met a couple of friends and waved to few more whom I don’t really know who.. I decided to wear a mask when the program started such that no one can notice I even existed. Minnie was co-hosting the program with, well, that stupid Canadian Henry. Finally after the program, the dance floor was opened for couples who eagerly wanted to spend their last moments of high school with their partners.. I was about to leave when someone grabbed my hands and pulled me into the center of the dance floor. It was the Kyuhyun. I was shocked.. the whole room was shocked.. he placed my hand on his shoulder then placed his on my waist, we were dancing as a couple.. I was chosen by our campus crush.. I can feel those stabbing stares of jealous fangirls.. I was amused and proud of my self…

As we were dancing, I was thinking.. why does my heart doesn’t skip a beat.. it’s not even beating that fast.. why can’t I feel something.. I can’t feel anything.. his smile does nothing to melt me.. why.. I then turned my head to search for my BFF, she was gone.. I searched for the stupid Canadian.. he too went missing.. Then memories came rushing back.. his Canadian smile, Canadian accent.. his.. well, whole self.. though annoying.. I can’t help but smile at his silly antics.. despite being bullied by him, I can’t help but care for him.. just thinking of him makes my heart beat faster.. I know what I had to do..


Kyuhyun started but didn’t had a chance to finish it..

“I’m sorry…”

I said quickly then ran out the doors.. I ran as fast as I could but it is pretty hard to do when you’re wearing 4 inch heels and a princess cut bridal gown. Along he way, I bumped into my best friend Minnie, who just came out of the powder room.

“I’m sorry.. no time to chat.. I don’t like Kyu.. he’s all yours.. trust me.. got to go.. I’ll explain later”

I was really in a hurry and left her pretty confused.

“Huh?! What about kyu?”

Minnie shouted back at me. She was about to go inside the ballroom when kyu bumped into her and she fell to the ground..

“ouch!! That hurts..”

“did I hurt you, I’m sorry”

Minnie looked up to see kyu extending his hand to help her get up.

“oh.. thank you.. Wookie went that way..”

she replied..

“ but I’m not looking for her.. did you cry?”

Kyu was concerned with Minnie’s red and puffy eyes..

“I just.. caught something in my eye a while ago..”

Minnie tried her best to provide some story..

“I’ll better go in now..”

just as she was about to leave, Kyu grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms as he sweetly and gently kissed Minnie. Minnie was of course shocked but can’t resist her lover’s lips.. she kissed back lovingly and passionately..

“but I thought wookie..”

Minnie asked.. Kyu held her hand as they walk back inside the ballroom

“nah.. I can’t steal my bud’s girl..”

“who?! What?”

“I danced with her to ask for help with you.. I wanted to date you badly, I thought she could help me ask you out..”

”you’re making her your bridge..”

”well, that was the idea.. and”


“well Henry’s been acting weird after the incident last night..”

“how weird”

“he was EMO.. like it’s the end of the world.. he stopped and gave up violin last night”

“NO WAY!!’

“he’s pretty madly in love with you BFF” “

I ran to find him.. I searched the whole school.. I figured, he’ll be at the music room.. playing his violin.. so I went there.. only to find scattered music sheets and his violin.. HIS PRECIOUS VIOLIN WAS JUST LYING THERE.. WHAT HAPPENED? I picked up the scores and found that at the backs were drabbles..

Wookie’s smile inspires me to write.. she makes each day bearable.. smile for me always.. be mine wookie.. be mine..

I took his violin and went to his hiding place.

“Henry you here?”

I asked hopefully. No one answered. silence.

“I know you’re mad at me..”

“Sorry.. for being a stupid Canadian.. sorry..”

I looked around and found him at the corner.. probably crying.. I approached him carefully, every step echoed inside the room..

“Why throw away your violin?”

“it’s useless”

“no it’s not.. you play beautifully and..”




Then and there I knew.. My heart was beating fast,, and even skipping a beat.. it was Love.. I stepped closer wiped his tears and softly placed my lips on his. He responded back sweetly and carefully, he placed his arms around my waist, pulling me closer and I instinctively placed my arms around his neck, both of us savoring this passionate moment..

I was Cinderella.. He was my Prince Charming..

And we danced throughout the night in our hiding place, dancing with no music but just with the beats of our hearts.. we stare into each other’s eyes..

“Did you composed that song for me?”

I asked while staring deep in his eyes


He responded sweetly.

‘can you play it for me”

‘only if you accompany me with your piano..’

I chuckled and smiled back

“ Henry..”


I ask myself

Why me?

Of all the thousands

Even millions

Why me?

I don’t look like a celebrity

Not the type to be fancied…

I don’t really act as a lady

Boys don’t even look at me

I was always inferior growing up

Never on the spotlight, always the backdrop

I’m the type who’s easy to forget

Even my mood changes as fast as a jet

I am just a shadow in our clan

Made little friends, have no fans…

Over and over

I ask myself…

Why me?


He sighed and I replied, staring deep into those love filled eyes.


Why do you ask me?

Doubt is all you see…

Why you?

I also ask myself

Why you?

It bothered my whole conscience…

Is it pity, guilt or shame?

No… this feeling is not the same

Why you?

Your image is distinct

It enthralls me even in my sleep

Why you?

I am not looking for a beauty queen

If she is just another snow queen

Inferior, you may think you are

Hahaha… but you overshadowed everyone

In my eyes I see only you

My heart beats only for you

Why You?

Because there’s only one You!