Title: I Never Regretted Waiting

Pairing: Qmi [girl! Zhou mi], with kyumin, Zhoury, and Henwook [girl!ryeowook]

Subject: Romance, friendship, angst

Rating: PG – 13

Word count: 822

Summary: There will come a time when all you can do is just wait.

Lying in the sand, I look up at the peaceful sky and think about the days that passed by. I looked around to see but no one seemed to come today. I recalled the day you told me to wait, with tears in your eyes and a heavy load in your heart; you had to make a choice.

“ It was earlier than what I expected Kuai xian!”

You said while crying.

I was firm and stern when I brushed away those tears and placed my farewell kiss. I didn’t cry in front of you because it’ll only make it harder for you to leave..