Title: [drabbles] Strong Heart

Pairing: various Super Junior

Genre: fluff, crack, fail

Rating: PG – 13

Summary: random drabbles about what happened after watching Strong heart episode where Henry was a guest ^^

A/N: just because this run through my brain cells



I don’t really call back a lot.. it’s because I don’t want to worry you guys but I think about you guys a lot Dad, Mom I love you all

Finally the episode aired and Henry decided to call his mom to ask if they had watched it already. He dialed the numbers and the other line picked up.

“Mom.. have you watched it already?”

“ah yes.. you did great Henry.. and We love you too..”

“Mom I’m really sorry for not calling you often..”

“It’s ok Henry.. Ryeowook calls me every now and then to update me.. so it’s fine”


“yes.. he calls me.. oh dear long distance calls are expensive Henry~~ bye..”

And so Henry’s mouth hangs open in disbelief.


Henry X Leeteuk


These were the words that greeted Henry when Leeteuk went home from his scheduled radio program and finding out what Henry revealed in Strong Heart.

“Hyung.. calm down.. I was just surprised at first..”

Henry defended himself.

“and I was the one who likes to butt slap you?!?”


“Come Here and I’ll really butt slap you!”

Leeteuk started to chase the mochi around the dorm and they were like kids playing chase.

“Come to think of it.. you never even called me hyung in strong heart!! You disrespectful maknae!! You better stay away from Kyuhyun!!”


Heechul X Henry

(continued from HenTeuk)

As Leeteuk chases Henry, the dorm was filled with screams and shouts and even laughs from the other members. Just then the front door opened and all of them became silent as Heechul stepped in. Heechul stared at all the members in the dorm before walking straight to Henry and pinching those cheeks.

“YOU!!! Am I your Chingu?! Why did you not call me Heechul Hyung? Who is older huh?”

“ouch~~ Hyung mianhe!!”

Heechul pinched his cheeks more and muttered again.

“And I look like a transgender?”

“because you are so pretty hyung…”

Henry replied and hearing Henry say that he is in fact pretty, Heechul let the mochi go and walked back to his room with a big smile.

“You really mean that Henry?”

Heechul shouted and Henry shouted back with conviction.



EUNHAE vs. Henry

Donghae pulls Eunhyuk out of his bed early Wednesday morning and straight into his waiting car. The poor anchovy was clueless and still yawning when he found himself inside the dance studio and Donghae with a stern face.

“What’s up hae?”

“You better practice or else!”

Eunhyuk was surprised at the greeting and he asked.


“you dare ask why? You do know Henry’s dancing is getting more attention and if you slack.. you won’t be SJ’s Dance machine!”

Donghae screamed..

“relax hae.. Henry can be SJ-M’s dance machine!”

Eunhyuk replied and this made Hae more furious.

“FYI Lee Hyukjae.. You are now part of SJM.. so better practice or else I won’t ship eunhae anymore!”