Since Kyumin is our SJMdebaobei’s couple of the month, I never really had the chance to promote them. So I’m making it up by posting a few of my Kyumin Fanfics.. They are in LJ but I hope you will like them just as much as I’ve worked hard writing them^^


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Shineeng Super Parents 

collection of five short drabbles regarding Super Junior and their Shinee Kids.. Kyumin here has a “daughter”, can you guess what Sungmin thought his “daughter”?


Alpha meets Zeta – KyuMin *Smut*

This is not for the minors!!!

This is the kyumin part for the smut series I did~~  so expect what is a rated fic should have.

Note: Genderswitch, Girl!Sungmin


No Other (Proposal) MV Parody *Video*

One of my video lyric parodies, in here Kyuhyun prepares a grand proposal for min (along with the other couples^^)

If you have time do watch it ok^^


No Other (couples) Parody *video*

This one, guess who’s getting married ^^ Watch and find out^^



Mythology in the modern world – Admiring Technology

This was supposed to be a one-shot but it was requested to be a series.. season 1 is done but focused more on Kangteuk and Hanchul. Season 2 is on its way.. still very busy to continue though. this story is based on the mythology Pygmalion and galatea and the book/movie concept of Percy Jackson^^


Bounce to you… What a video video video? *Smut*

Again this is not for minors!!

this was conceptualized by me and my sisters when we had a little chitcaht one night and replacing the lyrics of bonamana.. then a very naughty thought came to our minds. this is the result..


Happy Anniversary

If you think this is a happy fic.. think again.. this is my first character death fic~~ read only if you are already prepared for a heart-breaking story!


Chatmates Season 3

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This is a full series which is part of a super series with 7 seasons. If you want something to read for a while, try reading this series that deals with 2 persons who like each other but can’t seem to tell each other. With the help of technology, cupid’s arrows finally prevailed and helped the two get together..

If you get interested and decided you want to read the whole 7 seasons (season 7 is still ongoing) tell me and I’ll give you the links~


Chatmates special – Kyumin Proposal

Part of the chatmates series, this is from season 7 ^^ basically Kyuhyun proposes to Sungmin, in what way? read to find out^^

the kyumin wedding is on hold.. kinda got busy ~


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