Title: Distance…

Pairing: HenWook

Genre: angst, romance

Rating: PG – 13

Summary: Henry remarked that Ryeowook was too clingy; Ryeowook distanced himself from the maknae.

A/N: I am a bit emo so I wrote this one. Completely not true ~ wahahaha



The flight back to Seoul was very peaceful, the skies were clear and the sun shone brightly. It was a day when Super Junior M finally returns after an extended stay at Taiwan. Everyone will have their own schedules, Eunhyuk will return to his original schedules such as Strong Heart and dream team as well as Sukira, and Ryeowook would star in his first ever Musical.

Ryeowook was excited to be part of this stage play, after Yesung, Sungmin and Kyuhyun taking part in their respective plays, it’s now time for Super Junior’s eternal maknae and KRY’s sweet voice Ryeowook’s turn to shine on the musical stage.

But what Ryeowook was most excited about his first musical was that Henry would be watching him perform. Just the thought of Henry encouraging and congratulating him made Ryeowook all giddy and happy.

Back in the dorms, everyone was dragging their suitcases to their respective rooms, Henry and Zhou mi would be taking YeWook’s previous room since Yesung is now living with his parents nearby and Ryeowook migrated to the 12th floor dorm. Much to everyone’s surprise, Ryeowook entered the 11th floor dorm with them dragging his suitcase behind him.

“Hyung, what are you doing here? Your room is upstairs”

Henry asked with furrowed eye brows.

“That is my room!”

Ryeowook answered with a gleeful tone as he points to his old room.

“But Zhou Mi and Henry are now staying there.. it has been arranged..”

Sungmin commented and Ryeowook pouted, making Zhou Mi sigh.

“I understand.. I’ll be staying upstairs.”

Zhou Mi muttered which made Sungmin scream ‘No!!

“you are staying here!! You can’t go upstairs.. what about our plans?!?!?!”

Sungmin immediately responded and everyone was shocked at how Sungmin reacted.

“Calm down.. Mi can stay in our room Min.. it’s big enough for the three of us..”

Kyuhyun quickly answered to try to calm Sungmin, who knows what he can do with his ninja assassin skills. Upon hearing Kyuhyun’s suggestion, Sungmin smiled sweetly and dragged Zhou Mi to their room, leaving Kyuhyun to carry all their bags.

Ryeowook was delighted and he drags his own suitcase to their room, Henry followed after. Ryeowook started organizing his clothes to put inside his dresser when he noticed Henry just lying on his bed, not touching his suitcase.

“are you not going to unpack?”

Ryeowook asked with his usual smile and Henry just stood and walked out of the room. Ryeowook followed Henry but stopped when he heard Henry talked to Eunhyuk on the other side of the door.

“Hey Henry, you looked pissed off!”

Eunhyuk remarked.

“hyung is just way too clingy.. he doesn’t even know that I need my own space.. he is like a mother nagging me all the time..”

Henry said out of his frustration and Eunhyuk just laughed.

“you should give Ryeowook a chance Henry, He is an only child so when he joined Super Junior, he was all excited to have lots of brothers to take care of, and besides, he only got a boyfriend just now.. unlike us, he’s relatively new to this kind of thing..”

Eunhyuk muttered as he presses a call button for Donghae.

“Hae sweetie… How is my dear fishy?”

Eunhyuk then turned to Henry and smiled.

“relatively new? We’re almost 3 years into relationship… and I feel like I wanna end it..”

Henry muttered and walked out of the dorm as Ryeowook took courage to take a peek outside the room. Ryeowook’s heart sank and he didn’t know he was that clingy or possessive to the point of Henry wanting to break up with him. He held the tears back as he continued to unpack and organize his clothes. When he was done, he sighed and took Henry’s luggage and unpacked the Canadian’s clothes and put it in Henry’s dresser.

As he stare at the empty bed across him, his heart sank recalling what he just heard.. What Henry thinks of him and how much Henry hates him for being mother like and nagging him. Ryeowook never knew he was like that, he only wanted to make Henry feel that he is always loved and to shelter him from all the negative chants and comments and criticism; Ryeowook overdid it.

Ryeowook wanted to sleep as he was very tired but he wanted to see Henry back in the dorm safe before he could rest his tired eyes. A few minutes after midnight, the front door opened and Ryeowook hurriedly pretended to be asleep. Henry entered the room a few minutes later and headed to bed without a single word. After a few minutes, Ryeowook opened his eyes and saw Henry peacefully sleeping on the bed, his heart sank.

Though still sleepy and tired, Ryeowook prepared breakfast the next morning. He cooked for the rest as usual and called each and everyone to the table, except for one person.

“Hey Wookie, are you not going to wake up Henry?”

Zhou Mi asked and he shook his head.

“He is a bit tired; I’ll let him rest for a little longer.”

Ryeowook smiled as he ate breakfast in silence and took off a few minutes later for his rehearsal. Henry woke up at around lunch time and looked around for something to fill his rumbling tummy, Eunhyuk was about to leave for his schedule.

“Oh, you just woke up? I thought Ryeowook woke you up already?!”

“he didn’t.. Where is Ryeowook hyung anyway?”

Henry answered Eunhyuk which made the older scratch his head.

“anyway, Ryeowook is having his rehearsal today so he won’t be able to cook lunch, but I think he saved you breakfast, reheat it in the microwave.”

Eunhyuk waved goodbye and went his way. Henry went to the kitchen to find something to eat.


Ryeowook went home really late from his rehearsal and was very tired and hungry. No one was in the dorm and he figured everyone have their own schedules. He entered his room and saw that it was empty; maybe Henry has his schedules too as well. He sat on his bed and sighed even more as he took out several tickets from his bag. He also took his phone and started dialing some numbers.

“Omma! Yes.. I have the tickets already.. you’re watching my first musical right? Are you bringing onnie and hyung too?! That’s great, see yah.”

Ryeowook ended the call and kept the tickets inside his bag. He then took heavy steps to change his clothes when he heard voices outside his room.

“neh, Henry why are you sleeping on the couch?”

Kyuhyun asked his only saeng and Henry replied with a simple ‘nothing’ and this made Ryeowook emotional again.

Things didn’t really go any easier for Ryeowook the next couple of days, as he prepares for his musical, the less he stayed home and spent time with Henry. Ryeowook gets home late in the evening or early in the morning to find a sleeping Henry. In their room, the two are only a few feet apart but the distance seemed like farther than that. To Ryeowook, Henry was very special and he loved him more than anyone in this world. But he now knew Henry’s real feelings, that he was a mere nagging mother worth no time and space. Ryeowook’s tears suddenly fell as he thinks of the distance between them and how he could lessen it in any way. But Ryeowook knew no matter how hard he tried, Henry would be a galaxy away.

Henry pretends to sleep when Ryeowook enters their shared room and hides the hurt he feels when Ryeowook stopped kissing him before going to bed. Though there were times he sleeps earlier than Ryeowook, Ryeowook would never forget to plant a good night kiss that would make him stir in bed and wake up to find a smiling Ryeowook. Sometimes, Henry doesn’t want to enter their shared room for he doesn’t like the feeling of being a few feet apart but seemed like an ocean is between him and Ryeowook. When he gets home really late, he prefers to sleep on the couch; this is better than feeling hurt and jaded seeing Ryeowook ignore him for the rest of eternity.

Things went on like this and before they knew it, the distance between them grew and grew. It was their monthsary, very close to their anniversary, yet not of them was bringing up plans to celebrate, oh yes, when was the last time they actually talked to each other? By this time, Ryeowook was feeling more anxious as the musical’s airing gets nearer and nearer.

“hyung, are you busy?”

Henry called on their nth monthsary and Ryeowook was welling up on the other side.

“yeah.. I’m very busy Henry, see yah”

Ryeowook hung up and this made Henry tearful as he stares at the movie tickets he was holding and he dialed up the restaurant’s number to cancel the reservation.

“I guess you have no time for me hyung.. even when you are busy, you would still make time for our monthsary.. “

Henry muttered as he walks away from the theater were Ryeowook was practicing.

“Ryeowook, you did great today, let’s call it a night and take plenty of rest..”

The director said as he patted Ryeowook’s back and Ryeowook in turn smiled and thanked him for his hard work. Ryeowook can actually go out with Henry tonight but didn’t want to see Henry at this moment knowing that the younger wants to break up with him. He sat in front of the piano and played the song he wanted to give to Henry for their 3rd anniversary.

On the eve of Ryeowook’s first musical performance, Ryeowook talked to Kyuhyun and Yesung and gave the two tickets to his show. Henry saw his hyungs talking and even saw Ryeowook giving the other hyungs tickets. Ryeowook then left the room and went back to his own room to sleep and have a good rest. Henry felt hurt when he saw Kyuhyun and yesung receive tickets for the show, he is the boyfriend but why didn’t he even receive one from Ryeowook?

Henry walked out of the dorm and sat on the fire exit stairs to cry. In Henry’s mind, Ryeowook is breaking up with him, at this his heart ached. He returned to the dorm once he was emotionally stable and he entered their room and saw Ryeowook peacefully sleeping. He took a cold shower and wore some casual clothes. He checked himself in the mirror before sitting beside Ryeowook and brushed the hair off of his hyungs’ face.

“Good Luck on your Musical hyung..”

Henry muttered and planted a kiss on Ryeowook’s forehead before he took his violin and left the dorm.

Ryeowook woke up to find Henry’s bed empty. He sighed even more as he took the ticket from his wallet and stared at it. He rubbed his eyes to stop the tears from failing and decided that he would cook breakfast to get his mind off of Henry. Much to his surprise, Sungmin had already prepared breakfast for him.

“When we had our musicals, you always made sure that we are well fed and taken care of, now it’s your turn to be pampered!”

Sungmin exclaimed and at that Ryeowook’s tears fell as he hugged his Sungmin Hyung.

“Aja! Ryeowook hwaiting!”

Sungmin said with his aegyo and Ryeowook partly laughed through the tears. Ryeowook then took a bath before going to the theater for his first show. Before leaving the dorm, he sat on his bed and took out the ticket and wrote something at the back and left it on Henry’s bed.


Henry returned to the dorm thirty minutes after Ryeowook left, he made sure that Ryeowook already left before he returned to the dorm. He went straight to bed without even noticing the ticket lying there for him.

An hour before the musical starts, Kyuhyun and Yesung visited Ryeowook backstage to encourage him. Seeing his beloved hyung and saeng, Ryeowook became emotional and hugged both so tight. A few press were there to take a few interview and some pictures before the musical started.

Backstage Ryeowook was feeling gloomy yet he hid this from everyone. A few minutes before curtain call, Ryeowook wanted to cry, Henry completely ignored him but then again, the show must go on.

Henry woke up and was very hungry so he went to the kitchen to drink some milk. He found Sungmin entering the dorm with 2 boxes of cake at hand.

“oh Henry, you’re not at the theater today?”

Henry shook his head and turned to go back to his room when Sungmin made him stop.

“Neh, Henry, there’s something stuck on your back!”

Sungmin took the piece of paper and he handed it to Henry. Henry took a good look at it and it was the ticket for Ryeowook’s Musical and at the back was written.


When you find time, come and watch.



Ryeowook smiled as the curtain falls and the first stage musical he had was successful. Kyuhyun, Sungmin and Yesung greeted him backstage and gave him a cake which Sungmin picked up and delivered to them just now. Ryeowook was very pleased and happy with his first stage and became tearful as he hugged his dear friends, family and even manager hyung who worked hard to get him this opportunity.

One by one, everyone started disappearing as they left for some much needed rest. Ryeowook was the last person to leave the theater, carrying gifts from his ryeosomnias and other concerned citizens who congratulated him for his performance. He was happy to know his performance was well received but in his heart, he wept for he never saw the person he really wanted to see that day. He carries the heavy bags to the parking lot as he tried his best to stifle the tears that wanted to flow. He stopped in front of his car and searched for his car keys when he felt warm arms wrapped around his waist and a simple ‘hyung’ whispered in his ears. Tears started to fall from Ryeowook’s eyes as he knew who the person behind him.

“You did great tonight.. “

“I didn’t saw you..”

Ryeowook muttered through the tears.

“I was there.. I saw you perform.. You were always looking at Kyuhyun hyung and Yesung hyung’s place..”

“You weren’t there..”

Ryeowook spoke.

“I was seated just beside omma, you never even took a glance at my place..”


Ryeowook dropped the things he was carrying and faced the Canadian.

“Henry.. you came and watched me.. “

Henry smiled as he hugged the hyung tighter.

“Hyung.. I’ll always find time for you.. you know that..”

“But you are breaking up with me!”

Ryeowook cried harder and his words pierced through Henry’s heart.

“let’s go home.”

Henry took the car keys and opened the trunk. He took all thee bags and goodies and placed it inside the trunk and opened the passenger seat.

“Hyung I’m driving..”

Henry motioned for Ryeowook to enter the car.

“You don’t have a license.”

Ryeowook muttered.

“I can manage.”

Henry winked at him before dragging him inside the car. Henry drove off the theater. The drive was silent as Ryeowook forced himself not to cry again. Although Henry came, Ryeowook was not sure of what Henry was thinking; he didn’t even answer his question a while ago. They were mere inches from each other but then they feel the distance between them and as of now, no one is willing to cross the bridge, if there is still one between them.

“hyung.. why do I feel that you are drifting farther away from me?”

Henry started and Ryeowook didn’t reply.

“we are this close but the distance lies between us that I can’t seem to reach you.. You are always busy..”

Henry said, not taking his eyes off the road.

“we are always busy Henry.. “

“Despite that hyung, we always found time for each other..”

Henry said but what Ryeowook’s reply made him step on the breaks and almost hit the park bench just in front of them as he made a turn.

“you don’t like me Henry right? You became my boyfriend because you pity me.. that I am like a nagging mother to you.. Let’s break up.”

Ryeowook said while crying and he didn’t want to look at Henry.

“you heard..”

“everything.. Henry if you don’ like me just say it straight to my face and don’t pretend to like me. If you hate me that much just say it! I don’t want your pity.. and I can live without you..”

Ryeowook screamed at the maknae, Henry remained silent as he kept his eyes on the road. Henry then started to drive at super fast speed which made Ryeowook nervous.

“Henry.. what are you doing!!! Are you trying to kill yourself?!”

Ryeowook shouted so loud that his throat was hurt.


Ryeowook screamed at the top of his lungs as he sees bright and blinding lights in front of him. Ryeowook closed his eyes for a moment praying for his dear Henry’s life.. He didn’t care if he dies, but he worries if Henry was alright. When Ryeowook opened his eyes, he saw Henry sitting on the car’s hood and staring out at Seoul’s skyline. Ryeowook stepped out of the car and started shouting at Henry.

“What the hell was that? Are you trying to kill yourself? Moreover use my car?!”

Ryeowook was so damn frustrated at Henry right now but it all melted as he heard sobs from Henry.

“I wasn’t trying to kill myself.. “

Henry muttered.

“not in front of you..”

Henry continued then he took the keys and handed it to Ryeowook before walking away. Ryeowook watched the retreating back of Henry and he realized what Henry just said.

“Henry… come back here!! Henry!!!”

Henry did not stop and this left Ryeowook frustrated.

“Henry!! You pesky Canadian! How can I not be a nagger when you’re this hard headed!!! How can I not be motherly like if you can’t take care of yourself!! If there is someone who needs to complain, it’s me!! You don’t see me as a boyfriend! You see me as your personal butler!”

Ryeowook shouted with all his voice could reach and this made Henry stop and turn around.

“and I love you just the way you are hyung..”

Henry said with a smile and this made Ryeowook smile as well.

“Stupid Canadian!”

Ryeowook shouted but smiled through the tears.

“you’ll miss this stupid Canadian when I go back to Canada this summer!”

Henry shouted as he walked back to the car where Ryeowook was standing. When they were face to face, Henry hugged his dear lover tight and kissed Ryeowook’s forehead.

“even though there are hundreds of miles between us, even if the distance is as wide as the milky way… just knowing that you love me.. and will always love me… it doesn’t matter..”

Ryeowook muttered as he cried and soaked Henry’s shirt with his tears.

“let’s go home and have a rest.”

Henry smiled as he led Ryeowook back to the car and drove back to their dorm. Henry and Ryeowook both carried the tons of gifts Ryeowook received for his play and when Ryeowook entered their room, he found his bed merged with Henry’s bed and that his portrait was replaced by something else.


“Henry.. what did you do? Where’s my picture?”

“Kept it.. this is our room anyway.. might as well hang our wedding picture!”

Henry said as he placed all the gifts at one side of the room.

“when and where did that wedding took place?”

Ryeowook asked and Henry wrapped his arms around his hyung and kissed him on the cheeks.

“we got married in Hongkong, our reception took place in Taiwan and now all we need is our honeymoon in Korea..”

Ryeowook was surprised and blushed as Henry carried him bridal style and set him down on their bed.

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