Title: Super Junior’s Pillars

Pairing: HeeTeuk/TeukChul [ninja! Kangteuk/HanChul]

Genre: angst, friendship

Rating: PG – 13

Summary: They were SJ’s Pillars for a reason.. they are exactly opposite but they fit oh so well

Warning: issue about Heechul’s enlistment

A/N: so I know it’s sad and untimely but please forgive me for doing this.. I need to write something or else I’ll be emotionally unstable for the time being.



“We never fight, because if we do, then the pillars of Super Junior will be shaky”

-Kim Heechul


Maybe there is such a thing called fate.. or maybe destiny.. maybe.. just maybe…

To be part of an idol group is not as simple as playing rock paper scissors: It takes the perfect balance of Good Looks, Talents, Charisma, and Attitude. For Super Junior, it meant 13 (maybe 15) young lads. In the beginning.. There would be misunderstandings.. Petty quarrels and squabbles.. Name it.. There are members that will get along in an instant.. Take EunHae.. And then there are those that need time like HyukChul.

In a group, there would be one who will be their pillar, their leader.. In Super Junior, the leader is Leeteuk. He was chosen because he is the oldest.. More importantly.. He is the strongest member. No he is not the strongest physically but emotionally: No one can beat the leader’s strong heart.. Even when faced with challenges, leader Teuk is always ready to face them.

But you see, Super Junior is not any other idol groups, for Super Junior doesn’t have 1, but 2 pillars. Kim Heechul.. The member known for his bad temper and sharp tongue.. The pretty Cinderella Heechul is Super Junior’s 2nd pillar. Born only 9 days apart, these two must have been destined to be part of each other’s lives.

Heechul is not like Leeteuk who is very emotional, contrary; Heechul can never really express what he feels in any gentler manner unlike Leeteuk. You really never see Heechul cry like Leeteuk.. He always had this snarky, slightly evil look that to some maybe irritating. Though different from each other, both are very good friends.

Heechul and Leeteuk: the 2 pillars of Super Junior. What will happen when that time comes?

For years they’ve worked hard.. For years they’ve endured criticism.. For years they’ve been by each other’s side, for years they’ve shared all the triumphs and losses… For years they were always one as Super Junior slowly grew from a local idol to a global icon.

Those years, as we all know was not an easy journey as controversies rose, almost death of members, more controversies, additional members, loosing members and a lot more. It was exhausting for the members but it burdened more the leader who took them all to his shoulders so as not to worry the other members. Leeteuk would cry at night thinking of the brothers under his care and everyone would sympathize and apologize at the leader for making him carry all the problems. This has been Leeteuk’s role so might as well play it well!? He would sometimes publicly cry.. But those tears are genuine.. He is an actor but his tears are not for show..

The persons who Leeteuk confided the most are Kangin and Heechul. The former was his best friend and the latter was his soul mate. In Kangteuk, Leeteuk is the gentle side, the umma so to say but when Kangin was faced with controversy and decided to enlist earlier, Leeteuk who was heartbroken run to the only person who can comfort him: Heechul.

Heechul, just like Leeteuk, has been broken hearted and fell into the pit of endless depression when his best friend, his most beloved chingu or should I say 鹏又, left the group abruptly and without proper explanation. Leeteuk saw the worst about Heechul.. No not the temperamental bad mouth Heechul.. But this weak and fragile Heechul who he thought was stronger than him. Ever since that day, Leeteuk promised to himself that no matter what happens, he will not let anyone hurt Super Junior’s Cinderella.

How long has it been since Leeteuk expressed his intention of enlisting himself for the mandatory service? Ever since that day, ELFs especially Angels have cried rivers of tears and had tried their best to give the leader his last wish of Deasang before entering the army. We failed and we knew how disappointing it was but the leader smiled through the tears.. During that time, it was Heechul who protected the leader.. and Heechul was the one who gave Leeteuk strength to continue.

Who would forget the hurt Heechul felt when he was accidentally got hit by a signboard that caused such a ruckus? Maybe just a few months ago.. And during that time, it was Leeteuk who gave Heechul confidence to take a step and perform for the crowd that loved him. And although Heechul never really expressed his gratitude verbally, a hug was enough to let Leeteuk and the whole fandom know that he is in fact grateful for being supported by the dear leader.

Leeteuk and Heechul… For Super Junior, the 2 hyungs that they respect and love.. for ELFs, the members that supported the group… for each other, they are destined brothers.



Heechul ran to catch up to the crying leader who got off the stage and hurriedly went straight to the dressing room.

“Jungsoo ah!”

Heechul called out again and finally reached the dressing room to find the crying leader curled up in one side and crying.


Heechul softly muttered as he sat beside him, his back against the leader’s back and eyes fixed on the mirror in front of him.

“Why did you hide this from me.. I should be the first to go.. Not you.. Not anyone else in the group!”

Leeteuk shouted amidst the falling tears.

“Jungsoo.. Please understand..”

Heechul tried his best to hold the tears that are threatening to fall anytime.

“What do I don’t understand Kim Heechul?! Tell me.. What?!”
Leeteuk shouted and this made the other members at the door stop and decided not to enter and give their hyungs time to talk about it. Heechul sighed deeply.

“Jungsoo.. I can’t watch you leave..”

“Why? You are selfish!”

Leeteuk said, crying yet again.

“What if I am selfish Jungsoo? I’m sorry if I always make you cry.. But this is better…”

“How could it be better?!”

Heechul shifted his position and rested his head on the leader’s shoulder as he too curled up beside him.

“I won’t take the heart ache when you leave first Jungsoo.. You do know how hard it is for me.. When you leave, who will I run to? Who will I confide to? Who will make me feel better? We both know that only you can make me feel safe.”

When Leeteuk looked at Heechul’s face, he saw tears running down his eyes.

“You do know Jungsoo that I am emotionally unstable.. Unlike you, you may cry a lot publicly.. but your heart is as strong as Kangin’s embrace.. As for me.. I may look emotionally strong but the tears that won’t flow only kill my heart with pain. If you leave before me.. I will not be able to support the group as much as you’ve done for the past 5 years…”

Leeteuk moved his palms across the Cinderella’s face and wiped the tears.

“Call me selfish Jungsoo.. But this would be better for the group… Hold on a little while… Super Junior needs you more than they need me…”

Heechul mutters as he closed his eyes.

“They need both of us Heechul.. Don’t ever say that I can carry the burden alone… I’ve always needed your temper and your sharp tongue.. We are Super Junior’s pillars…”

Leeteuk mutters as he cried more and more, Heechul continued to close his eyes as he wraps his arms around the leader.

“I will miss you.. But it’s not goodbye..”

With that said the other members run to the dressing room and gathered around the 2 pillars that held the group on a higher pedestal.


When the 2 pillars of Super Junior leaves for their mandatory enlistment, the members would still need to move on and work to continue the name and legacy of Super Junior. One by one they will leave and one by one they will return.. When that day comes, when 13 (or even 15) idols share the same stage again, the 2 pillars of Super Junior would be the happiest among them.. But until that day.. We must keep our fate and gaze out into the starry sky where 16 stars shine brightly, 2 of which are close to each other.. PJS.wings and Heenim… Even in the Milky Way, they are Super Junior’s pillars.




A/N: while I was writing this one, I was really crying.. playing in the BG was Super Junior’s Memories and Super Junior M’s Destiny T_T