Title: [drabble set] Smile

Author: jhengchie

Pairing: HenYeWook[?] Girl!wook

Genre: how to call it.. angst? Crack-ish? AU

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Sometimes a smile can mean a lot..

A/N: Been thinking of this plot for about a year now and I finally wrote it~ no real pairings though~


A Smile to share

Yesung sighs before standing up and walking in front of the camera. Today he is shooting a commercial for a toothpaste and his perfect set of teeth were being focused. The director instructed him to pose for the still shots for his billboard before they shoot the actual CF. Yesung nodded and posed with his most tantalizing killer smile. The director called for a break and Yesung returned to the dressing room to find his mother with a big cup of iced mocha latte

“Jongwoon dear.. your smile is perfect..”

“Ma.. we both know that I don’t like smiling in front of the camera..”

Yesung muttered before taking a sip of the cold drink.

“But the camera loves you.. and besides.. think of it this way.. when your clouds see you smile, they smile as well.. like Justin sings.. When you smile, I smile..”

Yesung almost choked when his mother sang Beiber’s song and his mother in turn gave a sigh.

“I miss that smile Jongwoon.. ever since you entered show business, you always flash your practiced smile.. will you go out there and smile genuinely? At least for me?”

His mother looked like a lost puppy begging a stranger to find her home and Yesung couldn’t help himself but agree to her.

“Promise me you won’t sing JB again~ I love you omma!”

Yesung replied and his mother went on singing again.

I know you love me~ I know you care..”

Yesung raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

“fine dear.. I’m just playing.”


Smile to admire

Ryeowook hates Mondays the most.. and she hates it more when it rains and she forgot to bring her umbrella. She half runs and half walks to the bus station to catch the 6 o’clock bus and finds the bus very crowded. She frowns as she endures the ride standing along with a lot of people wanting to go home, she hates rush hours.

After a couple of bus stops, the crowd thinned and she was able to find a spot near the back of the bus, she’ll get off at the last bus stop and having to stand for an hour is not a really inviting idea.

She continued to sulk as the rain poured harder and the Monday blues kick in: routine schedule for the next five days before she can say TGIF. The bus stopped as the light turned red and Ryeowook finds herself at one of Seoul’s busiest streets. She decided to stare at the bright lights and found her eyes fixed on the billboard up a department store wall. The rain was slowly stopping.

“Yesung oppa!”

Her eyes lit up just as bright as the lights that surrounded the billboard of her favorite idol smiling with perfect straight teeth. She dismissed the crappy advertisement and just focused on the smile her oppa was showing.. somehow it was different from his usual smile.. it’s like.. it’s a genuine smile and not the crappy practiced smile he would give on shows.

“Oppa’s smile is so warm and inviting..”

Ryeowook’s Monday blues melted as she gaze out at the billboard, not knowing that her frown has turned upside down and was now forming a huge but gentle smile.


A smile that inspires

Travelling from country to country was not Henry’s idea of work but right now he is forced to traverse around the globe to settle businesses his father won’t be able to attend to due to his recent golfing injury. Henry was so damn frustrated, the flight from Canada to China was not a laughing matter, and the travel from China to Japan then Korea in one day isn’t as easy as driving a car to downtown Toronto.

Henry loosened the tie he was wearing and curses in English, he is not yet ready for this kind of lifestyle: although that he accepted the fact that he’ll be the heir of a global company, he’s too young to take over at the age of 21, and besides, how can his dad injure himself in a golf practice?

“Young master, we’ll be arriving at your hotel in 15 minutes”

His secretary informed him and he just nodded. He gaze out into the night sky and his frustrations intensified as he saw rain pouring down heavily. Henry hates the rain, because he almost hit a lamp post driving on a rainy night. He let out a grunt as he continued to stare outside his window, he realized the rain was now a mere drizzle as the car stopped in front of a stoplight.

As he scan the horizon, he noticed a face from the bus that stopped just beside his car. Henry stared at the face and noticed bright glittery eyes and a cute adorable smile, somehow this made him smile. He didn’t know why but that smile has its charms and that girl was pretty cute.

The light turned green and they made a turn as the bus sped straight ahead. When his secretary turned to look at his boss to inform him that a traffic jam was ahead of them, he was surprised to see Henry with a wide smile and ignored the traffic jam.

“ah… might as well stay in Seoul for a while.. re-schedule my flight back to Canada..”