Title: Best friend for rent?

Author: jhengchie

Pairing: HenWook [Girl!wook]

Genre: Au, friendship, eventual angst and romance

Rating: PG-13

Summary: it’s a stereotypical story of a lad who has everything but happiness.

Warning: almost character death?

A/N: coz I love henwook and I’ve been wanting to have a character death.. whoever dies I’m not saying *evil laugh* Well I don’t think anyone would read this but here.. I’m posting it anyway~


“oppa! I really need the money for my tuition..”

Ryeowook desperately beg for his brother, today is the last day of enrollment and if she doesn’t make it, she won’t be able to study for the coming semester.

“Wookie.. I am still asking my boss.. if you could wait a little more..”

Kangin replied with concerned voice.

“oppa.. if you just let me work part time like Kyuhyun.. I could be self sufficient and help out in..”

“no.. you’ll be focusing on your studies and graduate.. You do know how omma and appa dreams of seeing you perform on stage one day.. I won’t let those delicate fingers of yours get bruised and calloused! If I have to work triple jobs then I’ll do it..”

Kangin firmly replied and left Ryeowook without another word. Ryeowook is a budding pianist but her family’s financial crisis has been really hard on her. She has talent but she knows that it’s not enough to have one if they live each day suffering from the burden of having to pay high tuition for the sake of her so called talent.

Ryeowook gloomily left her brother’s workplace and sat on a park bench across the building where her brother works and looked at the registration form and the amount that she needed to pay for her to enroll. But her brother won’t let her work part time to help pay the bills, but Kangin has a point coz it’s just a little over a year then she’ll be able to take the level 10 piano exam and when she passed, she’ll be considered as one of Korea’s youngest musician, and her composing skills are being honed quite well in her school.. She can’t just succumb to the small bump in the way.. She’ll be able to graduate and have her musical debut and when that day comes, her parents would be the proudest.. and she’ll earn a lot of money to pay all the bills and her parents and brother won’t have to work their asses off just to pay for her education.


A soft voice broke Ryeowook’s chain of thoughts and she darted the glance to the young lad who was seating at the other edge of the bench.

“are you talking to me?”

She asked kindly, the lad looked pale and his skin is really white, she noticed his eyes were really small.


The lad replied.

“why? I don’t even know you..”

“I overheard that you’re having some financial problems.. I can help.”

The lad answered and Ryeowook was on guard at his words.

“I’m not a hooker and if you want one you can go to the bars just 15 minutes away from here~”

Ryeowook said clearly not liking the idea that this lad thinks that she is some sort of cheap girl who would give herself for the sake of money.. but in her mind she pitied some of those girls who were forced to have such a disgusting and disgracing job. The lad softly chuckled.

“I’m not looking for a hooker.. I just happen to have some money on hand that I can lend to you..”

“I’m not falling for that one.. you will put a hefty interest and I won’t be able to pay back then you’ll ask your underground dogs to extort money from me!”

The lad smiled with amusement.

“I’m not one of them.. I can actually just give the money to you..”

The lad took out his wallet and got a bunch of bills and extended it to Ryeowook.

“Why are you doing this?!”

Ryeowook exclaimed, but she is tempted to take the money.

“I’m a tourist and I would want someone to give me a quick tour of the city while I’m here.. hearing your conversation with your brother earlier made me want to help you out instead of paying a tour guide.. I think I could help someone in need this way. Here take it..”

The lad smiled as he insisted Ryeowook to take the money.

“I’m not sure..”

“I mean no harm and I have no intention of doing all those crazy things you are thinking right now.. I just happen to have the money and I don’t really need it all.. well if you don’t want then I’ll just go and get myself a tour guide.”

Henry took the money back to his wallet and stood up.

“wait.. I accept..”

Ryeowook quickly muttered and this made the lad smile.

“Shall we go then?”

The lad asked and ryeowook just nodded. They boarded a taxi and right now Ryeowook regretted that she said yes to this weird man. The lad paid the bill and Ryeowook found herself in front of her school.

“Yo’ll use the money to enroll right? Let’s settle that first before you give me a tour.”

The lad said as they enter the building and went to the cashier’s office to get the forms. Ryeowook happily signed them and lad looked at the bill before pulling out his checkbook from his bag and signed it. Ryeowook’s eyes glistened as the lad wrote the amount.. how could a young lad like him have such amount of money.

“hey.. I’m on an installment plan.. you only need to pay 40% of my tuition.”

Ryeowook said but the lad gave the check to the cashier.

“you’ll save 15% when you pay the whole thing. The installment plan puts a 15% interest on the basic fee.”

The lad smiled to her and handed her her registration card.

“all done..”

The lad quickly walked away from the cashier as Ryeowook stares at the registration card fully paid for the semester.

“hey wait.. thank you.. but what’s the deal?”

The young lad turned to look at Ryeowook who was running to catch up.

“the deal? Just be my bestfriend for a week.. I just need someone to accompany me while I have my vacation.. I’ll be leaving this weekend and it seems that it’s still your semestral break so you are quite free to give me a quick tour of Seoul. That’ just about it..”

The lad said with a straight face.

“You want a best friend for rent? Are you insane?”

The lad shook his head.

“unfortunately I’m like one of those protagonists in a TV drama who has all the riches in the world but have no happiness.”

The lad sighed and turn his back from Ryeowook and started to walk away.

“At least tell me your name..”

Ryeowook muttered.

“It’s Henry.. and I see you later for dinner”

Henry replied and waved good bye.

“Dinner?! Where?”

Ryeowook asked and Henry smiled widely,

“You’ll know later.”

Henry winked and went his way. Ryeowook was confused; I mean how can she not be when this lunatic of a guy offered to pay for her tuition in return of what?! A best friend for rent? Ryeowook shook off all those ideas and started her way back home. Kangin was home early and she saw her brother was slumped against the wall, exhausted.


Kangin smiled softly and handed her an envelope.

“Oppa.. I already found a way to pay the tuition..”

Upon hearing this, Kangin was half surprised and half angry at the sister.

“what did you do?!”

“I met a friend.. and he offered to pay for my tuition if i..”

“if you?”

The door bell rang and their mother attended it.

“if you what Ryeowook?”

Kangin raised his voice, Ryeowook wasn’t sure if her explanation would be sane enough to be believable.

“If she become my friend and give me a quick tour of the city while I spend my vacation here.. Hi Kangin!”

Kangin couldn’t believe his eyes as the heir of a multimillion dollar enterprise is standing right in front of him.

“sir Henry..”

“drop the sir.. anyway, let’s have dinner shall we..”

Henry handed them plastic bags of Chinese, authentic I must say, food enough to feed a family of 10, but they are only 5 in the house right now.

“sir Henry?”

Ryeowook asked his brother, almost a whisper.

“His family owned the place I’m working at..”

“they own the hotel?”

Kangin nodded and Henry upon seeing the siblings’ amazement gently chuckled.

“You see Ryeowook, I’m not a bad guy after all?! Anyway Kangin, you may take the day off for a couple of days.. you need rest seriously. And Ryeowook… can you sit beside me?”

Kangin nodded and Ryeowook followed like a puppy.

“one more thing.. I really want to feel normal while I have this vacation in Seoul.. drop the sir.. and be as comfortable as you want.. oh, Mrs. Kim.. I’ll be borrowing your daughter for the next couple of days.. I do hope you’ll let me…”

Henry muttered and Mrs. Kim gave the young lad a sweet smile.

“not to worry dearie.. as long as you return her in time for her classes.. I wouldn’t mind making her you personal tour guide..”

“she’s not my tour guide.. she’s my best friend”

Henry muttered and Ryeowook added just soft enough to be a little audible

“for rent..”

Henry just smiled as he enjoys the company of normal people.