Title: A portrait of you
Pairing: WooGyu with Ninja pairing
Genre: angst
Summary: He woke up from a dream and started painting a face of serene beauty

A/N: I was searching at Deviant art when sketches of Infinite members popped from somewhere and I was just inspired to write something about them. THIS IS MY FIRST FANFIC FEATURING INFINITE. Do I know them enough to make this work?

>Poster details< Original sketch is by Lotte (Lott-lott @deviantart) and I used her sketch to make a digital art for the poster. Of course my work is crap and her sketch is brilliant… >FF disclaimer< I do not own any Infinite members used in the fan fiction. Pairing is based on generally accepted pairing. This is an original story conceptualized by the author; similarities in titles, pairing and storyline is purely coincidental. Plagiarism is not acknowledged by the author.


There are those days when everyone feels stressed and burned out. For a particular budding artist, this happens very often as inspiration seems too far and distant from him. He had a scheduled graduation exhibition to finish in 2 months yet he hasn’t done any conclusive collection. He scratched his head and sighed heavily as he looked at the canvass in front of him. A painting of a girl by the beach was beautiful but it lacked something, it was dull and emotionless. So Woohyun just cleaned up and hit the sack.

Woohyun found it rather hard to breathe as his sleep progressed. He tossed and turned as a certain face appeared over and over again. It wasn’t a nightmare though, because the face was serene and very beautiful. Woohyun woke up, finding himself panting and sweating, was it a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare? And the lines of Beyonce’s song rang in his head. He walked to the bathroom and washed his face. He looked at the mirror and found his face getting uglier by the day, the bags under his eyes were getting bigger and his breakouts were worse than a girl with hormonal imbalance. He sighed so hard that perhaps his roommate might have heard it. He walked backed towards his canvass and took the previous painting out of the easel and grabbed a fresh canvass. He stared at the blank canvass and a face appeared before him. He blinked a few times and looked at the canvass again, it was blank. Woohyun shook his head as he grabbed a pencil and started sketching a face he only saw in his dreams.

He outlined the face, it was a gentle line curving to form his chin. Then he took another line swerving and formed his tiny eyes. A grin formed in his face as he looked at the pair of eyes, tiny and slit like. He continued to sketch and as the clock ticked away, he found himself stroking pencil lines with ease. As the clocked struck two, Woohyun admired the final work of art; it was a stunning face of a young lad. Woohyun smiled to himself as he admired his work. Then an idea struck him; A nameless face

He got another canvas and started sketching away. By 6 in the morning, he had done 4 sketches of the same face, in different angles. He grabbed his brush and apron and finally started to mix the colors for the nameless face. He decided to make his skin milky white since if his memory served him right, the face was rally pale and sensitive looking. He started painting and by the time that he was half way through, a half asleep walked into his room and saw him busy with his work.

“Woohyun hyung, still up?” Woohyun looked at the roommate and nodded. “Hyung, you should really rest, you’ve done quite a number of paintings, you should be able to create a collection by now.” Myungsoo muttered and Woohyun chuckled. “I already have a collection in mind” Woohyun blurted it out and Myungsoo looked at the three sketches on the side and the one being painted by Woohyun.

“Who in the hell is the man? Know him?” Myungsoo asked and Woohyun shook his head as he added color to those tiny eyes. “Saw him in my dream last night so I thought of painting him.” Woohyun confessed and Myungsoo laughed lightly.

“You should really need to rest hyung. By the way, He looks really handsome!” Myungsoo muttered and Woohyun nodded. “There’s something about his eyes that I can’t explain.” Woohyun muttered and Myungsoo nodded. “They are expressive hyung. Anyway, clean up and let’s get some breakfast.” The younger said before leaving the room.


Myung soo and Woohyun found themselves inside a local food establishment to grab their breakfast. “So you said the you saw the face in your dream yet you can remember it perfectly? Maybe Friday the 13th had its curse on you!” Myungsoo muttered as he took a bite of his food. “It’s pretty creepy Myungsoo.” Woohyun confessed. Then out of nowhere , few girls ran to Myungsoo and handed him chocolates. “happy Valentine’s day Myungsoo oppa!” The girls muttered and Myungsoo graciously accepted the chocolates and thanked them.

“Aren’t you still popular even in college Myungsoo!” Woohyun remarked and Myungsoo gave him a knowing look. “You do know whom I like hyung.” Myungsoo said in the softest voice he could master. “Yeah I know perfectly well, the director’s son.” Woohyun muttered and Myungsoo blushed slightly. “And you have to spill it hyung.” Myungsoo muttered and continued eating their breakfast.

A couple of weeks passed and the number of paintings Woohyun had, were already enough to make a collection. He quickly gathered the canvass and placed them in a pushcart. He then took all the paintings and shoed them to his thesis professor to check.

“Less than a month Woohyun and you decided to how your face in my office.” Mr. Cho muttered and Woohyun just smirked at him. “Well let me see those crap so than I can but Fail in your report card.” Mr. Cho muttered but Woohyun wasn’t intimidated. He showed Mr. Cho the 7 pieces of painting he had and additional 3 pencil sketches. Somehow the face looked familiar to Mr. Cho.

“And so this collection is called?” Mr. Cho asked and Woohyun was hesitant to say it. “Well I was thinking of naming it A Portrait of you: A nameless face” Woohyun blurted it out and Mr. Cho nodded.

“I don’t know where you got the inspiration or that crappy collection title but the work was beyond my expectation. Those expressive eyes tell every emotion that I could think of. And perhaps, this has been the best crap I’ve seen from you Nam Woohyun.” Mr. Cho muttered with a smile and Woohyun couldn’t believe his ears, Mr. Cho was praising him. “Wrap it up and go to the art gallery immediately.” Mr. Cho instructed him as he handed him a slip of paper, allowing him to showcase the collection at the Annual Art Exhibit of art students.

“Woohyun hyung don’t be nervous!” Myungsoo calmed the older as he fixed Woohyun’s bowtie. “it’s a great collection that even Mr. Cho was impressed.” Myungsoo added, earning him a small smile from Woohyun. “And you look handsome! Look at what rest can do? Your breakouts were all healed!” Myungsoo smiled at him then left the room to fix himself for the gala.

Woohyun took a seat on his bed and looked at the canvass propped on the floor. He wouldn’t admit it but he had grown attached to the nameless face. He looked at the painting and smiled sheepishly, had he fallen in love with a face he only saw in a dream once and had remembered well enough to create masterpieces? He was losing his sanity at the very thought of love but Woohyun couldn’t let his infatuation over the nameless face fade, it’s like a drug to him.

“Woohyun hyung let’s go! You don’t want to be late for your exhibit!” Myungsoo called out and left the room.

They got there in time and Woohyun stood in front of his collection. Myungsoo was right beside him and they were discussing the details of each painting and how Woohyun had really done a good job at expressing the different emotions with just one face. Little did they know, a pool of people had gathered behind them to admire the beautiful work of art.

“Excuse me.” The two looked at the person who spoke and Myungsoo gasped at the man. Standing in front of them was none other than the Director’s son whom Myungsoo has been crushing for so long.
“May I speak to the artist Mr. Nam Woohyun?” The man said and Woohyun raised his hand awkwardly. “Hello, i’m Sungyeol.” Sungyeol extended a hand which Woohyun shook.

“A pleasure to meet you Sungyeol-ssi” Woohyun muttered and introduced his friend Myungsoo, Sungyeol gladly shook his hand as well. Myungsoo could swear he had died when Sungyeol smiled at him. “I am quite impressed with your portraits; it’s as if they were alive!” Sungyeol praised the artist and Woohyun thanked him.

“What’s behind the collection name Mr. Woohyun?” Sungyeol asked and Woohyun was a bit embarrassed explaining it to him. “Well it’s a complicated story and perhaps you’ll laugh at how silly it was but I saw his face on my dream once and when I tried to sketch him up, It went really well.” Woohyun said and Sungyeol clapped his hands. “You saw his face in a dream once and you can remember such great details. I am impressed Mr. Woohyun.” Sungyeol praised him again and Woohyun laughed lightly. “Would you do the honor of doing a painting of him for me?” Sungyeol asked and Myungsoo found himself frowning. “Do you know him? Sungyeol-ssi?” Woohyun asked and Sungyeol nodded. “He is important to me.” Sungyeol replied and broke Myungsoo’s heart who was behind Woohyun. Woohyun found himself hurt as well. “Why don’t you accept my offer and I’ll tell you a story.” Sungyeol muttered and Woohyun gave him a shocked expression, but he took the offer.

“I can’t believe it hyung, your nameless face and my Sungyeol?! What a damned life!” Myungsoo whined at the older who was trying to comprehend the turn of events. Something inside him wanted to rip the sketches apart but another side of him wanted to know the story of the nameless face. He walked to his room and closed his eyes.

After his graduation, Woohyun had come to Sungyeol’s house for the job offer. Sungyeol led him to a blank white room. “I want you to draw portraits of him” Sungyeol muttered and Woohyun looked at him questioningly. “Where’s the canvass?” Woohyun asked and Sungyeol stretched both his arms out. “The walls are your canvass. The freedom is yours if you want to paint whatever emotions you want to portray.” Sungyeol then left Woohyun as the servants entered and gave him everything that he needed to do his job. Woohyun sighed and stared at the blank walls. As he stared at the walls, one by one, images of the nameless face started popping and filling the blank walls with his beautiful face. Woohyun smiled to himself and grabbed a pencil and scaffolding.

Two months passed and Sungyeol dropped by to see the almost finished mural. The white walls were filled portraits of the nameless face in bright colors. The highlight of the mural was the one Woohyun was just finishing, a giant face portrait of the nameless face, occupying the whole wall.

“You outstand me Mr. Woohyun.” Sungyeol muttered and Woohyun smiled at him. He then finished the expressive eyes and faced Sungyeol. A deal is a deal Sungyeol-ssi, I finished the walls, you should give me a story.” Woohyun muttered and Sungyeol nodded. “I understand. Can you come back this weekend for the story? Bring your curious friend along Mr. Woohyun.” Sungyeol muttered and bid goodbye. Woohyun admired his work and took a picture as this will go to his portfolio. He then cleaned up and left the room.

That weekend, Woohyun and Myungsoo found themselves sitting by the lush garden and sipping expensive tea as they wait for Sungyeol. “I’m sorry I took so long.” Sungyeol handed Woohyun an envelope. “Your pay for the mural.” Sungyeol answered Woohyun’s questioning looks. “I’m glad you could join us Myungsoo-ssi” Sungyeol greeted him and Myungsoo can’t help the redness on his cheeks.

“as Promised, I owe you a story. I already told you that he is someone important to me.” Sungyeol muttered at saw the hurt faces of the two, he smiled placidly. “His name is Sunggyu” Sungyeol revealed and the two looked at each other before looking back at Sungyeol. “He is my brother” Sungyeol then said which made the two sigh in relief, Sungyeol chuckled at how cute they were acting.

Sungyeol then stood up and told them to follow him. “We are three sons in this fanily, Sunggyu hyung, me and our youngest Sungjong.” Sungyeol relayed as they passed by a very large family portrait and Woohyun found himself smiling at Sunggyu. He then led him inside the room Woohyun worked at for the last 2 months and Myungsoo’s eyes widened at the beautiful mural. And the room was already filled with other trinkets such that it already looked like a museum exhibit.

“Sunggyu hung is such a dear brother to me and perhaps the best friend we could ever have.” Sungyeol muttered as he took a picture of the three brothers and handed it to the two. “He was your typical older brother who was instinctively protective but playful. He was caring and loving.” Sungyeol smiled while telling the story. “Uhmm sorry to cut your story but where is Sunggyu hyung?” Myungsoo asked and Sungyeol’s smile faded as he walked towards the wall where the largest portrait was painted. Woohyun and Myungsoo gasped as they saw a small alter set in front of the wall and a decorated urn was placed on it.

“Hyung had a weak heart and sensitive skin. He wasn’t able to live like normal and wasn’t introduced to the world for fear of pressure might take the best of him. He had been the perfect son and brother despite his illness.” Sungyeol fought the tears from falling. He then took a letter laid on the side of the urn and handed it to Woohyun.

“When did he appeared in your dream?” Sungyeol asked and Woohyun instantly replied. “February 13th, it was Friday.” Sungyeol nodded and smiled. “Go ahead and read it.” Sungyeol pointed to the letter and Woohyun opened it. While reading it, Woohyun was silently crying and Myungsoo couldn’t help but tear up as well as he read the confession of a dying man.

“He died last February 13th and perhaps he had visited you in his dreams for the last time.” Sungyeol muttered as he looked at the portrait.


Woohyun stared at the portrait inside his room as he held the letter close to his heart. “Perhaps I wasn’t insane to love a nameless face Sunggyu. What would happen if had met you earlier? Would the pain be harder to endure than seeing your face without knowing who you are?”

Woohyun cried himself to sleep as the portrait stare at him with those expressive eyes.

A/N: I don’t know about the ending.. it was rather… plain and anticlimactic
For my first Infinite fanfic, what do you Inspirit think?