Jongyu, Myunggyu
They were kept and observed like lab rats but 2 interns saw not monsters but humans with beating hearts.
AU, Fantasy
4,899 words

A/N: Storyline popped into my mind and after watching werewolf boy, i was definitely inspired to pursue this story line.

White walls surround two men, more of subjects, who was brought into the facislity three years back. They were separated by a translucent acrylic glass, dividing the white room into two distinct spaces. A simple hospital bed was placed at one corner, a bathroom on the other side. The space was barren so to speak, similar to a prison minus the cold steel bars. Two men were in a corner, knees closed to their body in an attempt to hide from the eyes of their observers.

They knew that they were being watched, they have super sensitive senses that even though a thick acrylic and one way mirror cannot block them. They look human, rather normal. Their bodies were toned and well built, with traces of scars obtained from a fierce battle a few years back.

A group of scientists, medical experts and uniformed men were observing them from the thick acrylic glass, expectant eyes looming over the 2 subjects. The room was silent, their breaths and ticking of the clock were the only sounds ever heard. Then a countdown.

On the dot at midnight, the men became weary, they stood from their place and growled. On all fours, they approached the acrylic glass and growled even louder. Without blinking, the group held on to their seats as the males did what we call fiction, but the men in lab coats had made fiction a scientific reality.

The group dispersed with happy smiles on their faces, 5 years of study and now a successful project about to be completed.

“We have a tiny problem general.” one of the scientists told the commanding general and the man nodded. “It’s not yet tamed.” the scientist said and the general merely nodded before leaving. “I’ll give you 6 months then.” The general uttered then left the place completely.

Two interns were welcomed into the group, 2 young lads who were chosen for their academic intellectual and practical skills. The two were government scholars and since they were bonded with the government for the next 5 years, they were the perfect candidates to help out in the top secret project.

They go by the name of Jinki and Sunggyu, cousins presumably, that are taking Aminal Science specializing in behavior. They were brought in because they needed handlers to tame the beasts conjured by science.

Ushered into the secret laboratory underground, Jinki and Sunggyu were shocked to see the place and the subjects: They were hoping that their job was to tame cloned dogs but it was a whole different story.

“Man-made werewolf.” Their supervisor told them, handing out the folders of the two subjects they are going to work with. “Man made?” Jinki asked and the supervisor told them to read the files. The two were then led to see the subjects, just in time to witness the change. Sunggyu and Jinki held their breath as they witnessed the two males transform right before their eyes.

The next three nights were difficult for the two interns, the memory of the young lads transforming was rather horrifying at the very least. They lost their appetite the second they observed the males feed on live goats and some chicken; Jinki was sure he couldn’t eat a single drumstick even though it was his favorite.

But they were given a tight schedule and deadlines are very crucial and important in this field of work. So mustering the courage, with the proper protective clothing, Jinki and Sunggyu both stepped inside the cells. The subjects looked tensed as the men in white approached them; the part human were now in a defensive stance.

“Jonghyun.” Jinki said, soft and sweet, like a master calling for his pet. “Here boy.” He said while taking a step towards the lad. He extended a hand, with a piece of treat for the boy and the half human gobbled it up in an instant. “I want to be friends with you.” Jinki said as sat on the bed, a smile on his face and a hand extended to the boy.

Sunggyu was nervous as hell, his palms sweaty and his whole body was shaking. The creature, a handsome young lad, looked at him warningly which made him stop walking. “I’m your friend Myungsoo.” He said, trying to cover the nervousness on his voice. THe creature gaze at him, making eye contact with the intern. Sunggyu felt like the stare was lethal, breaking them with a soft cough. “Hey, want to eat with me?” Sunggyu asked, extending a hand to the lad whose gaze remained with him.

Two weeks into the program, Sunggyu and Jinki were thinking twice about the project; why would the government fund a program to make dying soldiers into superhuman, or werewolf to be specific. But they did not question the quizzical plans but focused on the problem at hand, to tame the wild beasts.

On their third week, the two interns had found it easier to communicate with the subjects, Giving them commands and treats for obliging. The treats varied day by day, but a gentle patting on the subjects head were always never forgotten.

By the sixth week, Jinki was teaching Jonghyun how to write characters, though most of the time Jonghyun just chewed on the pencil. “Stop!” Jinki shouted and Jonghyun dropped the pencil from his mouth and lowered his head. “I told you that pencils are not food! Do you understand me?” Jinki’s voice was loud and clear. The half man let out a sound of mixed apology and regret for doing the same mistake over and over again. “Just don’t chew on the pencil, I’ll bring you a chewing toy ok?” Jinki quated before the man and patted his head affectionately; Jonghyun enjoying the warm touch of the man in front of him. “Good boy.” Jinki said with a smile.

Sunggyu was then trying to teach Myungsoo how to use the chopsticks, the lad growling furiously as each try was a failure. He threw the chopsticks with force and collided by the wall next to Sunggyu. “I’m not eating with you if you keep this up Myungsoo.” The voice was louder than expected, taking the werewolf by surprise. “Pick it up.” Sunggyu shouted. “I said pick it up!” Sunggyu shouted even louder, making the lad scramble on his feete and retrieved the metal chopsticks and handed it to the intern. He purred, his head resting on the intern’s lap as if trying to apologize for his outburst. “Just please be patient Myung, you need to bear with this for a while.” Sunggyu said with a smile, petting the lad’s hair.

“You sure look serious.” One of the scientist nudge the one looking intently at the four persons inside the seclusions. “Leeteuk hyung, I am thinking something illogical.” the man said and his senior looked at him puzzled. “What is it Kyuhyun?” The older asked and Kyuhyun looked at him with fear in his eyes. “Mating.” Kyuhyun blurted out and the smile on Leeteuk’s face faded. “Are you saying that both Myungsoo and Jonghyun have tendencies to mate? But we haven’t introduced females yet.” Leeteuk uttered and Kyuhyun sighed heavily. “I have my fears hyung, but since Sunggyu and Jinki have been dealing with them quite well, Myungsoo and Jonghyun might have the tendency to fall for them, look past through them as masters but more of a companion; specifically, their mates.” Kyuhyun stated, pointing at the screen where the faces of the two half humans were focused, eyes saring straight at the interns, gazes filled with hint of hope and lust.

“I have no words.” Leeteuk shook his head in disbelief. “I am thinking it’s the human part of them that is responsible.” Kyuhyun said and sank down on his chair.


The next full moon came and the interns were given specific instructions to confirm Kyuhyun’s theories. The two were tasked to enter the room while the lads are in wolf form and test if they can command over the creatures. There was a thick acrylic glass already placed to separate the two just in case the wolf part of them wasn’t tamed yet. They nodded and took their place, believing that the test was to check the taming capabilities of the intern, but no one told them that they were being tested for possible mates.

Jinki and Sunggyu stepped inside the room, a thick acrylic glass was separating them from the agitated subjects. “Jonghyun?” Jinki spoke through the microphone attached to him and Jonghyun jerked his head up to see his master.

Jonghyun took small steps, difficult steps, towards the man across the glass. He placed his hand on the glass as he looked at Jinki with stern but soft gaze. He was fighting with himself, to change into his beastly counterpart. Jinki saw the twitch in Jonghyun’s eyes and the forceful clenching of his jaws. He saw Jonghyun tried to stop the transformation and it was already too much for Jinki, he was crying. “Please change.” Jinki said and Jonghyun obliged, taking a step back and unleashing a force he tried to stop.

Sunggyu didn’t have to speak, Myungsoo can smell him well. The lad hurriedly approached the person he was longing to see and banged on the glass as he desperately tried to reach Sunggyu. “Myungsoo.” He spoke softly and the lad stopped and stared at those brown eyes. Sunggyu’s eyes were tearful now, seeing the handsome face of Myungsoo twitch at the surge of the force inside the man. He knew Myungsoo will transform tonight but the werewolf was trying to hold it in. “Don’t hold back.” Sunggyu said as he placed his hand on the acrylic pane. Myungsoo stretched his hand and placed it on the glass, as if touching Sunggyu in the process. “Don’t hold back.” Sunggyu repeated as Myungsoo’s eyes changed into crimson red and he let out a loud growl.

The interns looked at the creature in front of them, scary wild beasts showing of their fangs. The two was scared, who wouldn’t when a thick acrylic glass is their only form of protection. Jonghyun stared at Jinki with those same eyes, the caramel brown now a shade of bright yellow. “Jonghyun, stay.” Jinki said, as the wolf inched his way towards the glass. “I said stay!” Jinki shouted and the wolf stopped, his paws firmly planted on the floor. He then slowly sat and bowed his fury head, acknowledging his master.

Myungsoo was another case, he ran towards the other side of the room, burying his face on his tail as Sunggyu looked at him with fearful eyes. Myungsoo peeked through his tails and shut them after, the fierceness in his eyes diminishing. “Myungsoo, come.” Sunggyu said but the wolf didn’t move an inch. “Myungsoo I said come here.” He said even louder, the wolf’s ears twitched at the sound and lifted his head to face the man. “Myungsoo.” Sunggyu called out softly, placing his hand on the glass. The wold stood on four legs and gingerly approached the man, eventually placing a paw on the glass.

The interns were already convinced that the progress for taming the half breeds were doing very good, good enough for them to leave on their 6th month. They two were having mixed emotions as they realized that they’ll be leaving the two subjects soon.

“Don’t tell me you’ve grown attached to them.” Henry, a Canadian expert on Animal behavior, asked the two who nodded absentmindedly at the question. “I’m not surprised.” Henry uttered which made the two interns look at him. “Wolves are really loyal creatures and their laws are quite simple.” Henry explained. “They go on packs and they are very territorial. The good thing about it though is that they are very loyal.” Henry said, Handing them the evaluation of their progress report. “I believe that they are now ready for mating.” Henry said and the two looked at him with shocked expressions. “Mate?” Jinki asked and Hnery nodded. “Whether they are humans or wolves, they will have sexal tendencies.” Henry explained and the two nodded. “Shall we bring in females then?” Sunggyu asked and Henry shook his head. “Kyuhyun-hyung told me that the boys have already chosen their mates.” Henry winked then left the two to review the notes. “Mating?” Jinki repeated and somehow the news was pretty hard to take.

“uhm hyung, are they capable of mating?” Sunggyu asked Kyuhyun and the man looked at him with a smile. “You want to find out?” Kyuhyun asked and Sunggyu nodded. “We’ll do it then, not now though.” Kyuhyun said with a smile as he handed the man his clip board.

Sunggyu had been bothered by the mating season and the more that he thought of it, the more he hated Myungsoo. The poor creature was screamed at and pushed away, Sunggyu was beginning to look like a girl during her period. Myungsoo was hurt, not physically (let’s exclude the shattered eardrums from Sunggyu’s screaming), but emotionally. The creature wanted Sunggyu’s touch, a mere pat on the head or the usual display of affection like placing his head on Sunggyu’s thighs. But Sunggyu wouldn’t want Myungsoo come any nearer.

Jonghyun was a different story, Jinki was very good to him and was encouraging him to mate. Jinki liked the idea of Jonghyun having a mate to be with him and hunt with him. He wanted Jonghyun to be happy and have little kids or pups or whatever you can call their offspring. He often patted the lad’s hair and tell him to just be yourself when mating. This confused the half human, blushing as Jinki continuously tell him to just go for it.

Fifth month into the program, Jinki and Sunggyu were already in control of the werewolf that the scientists decided to give a new prospect a try. Jinki and Sunggyu were already inside the room, the acrylic pane separating the them from the wolves as they transformed. What they didn’t expect was the acrylic glass suddenly retreated and now they are face to face with the beasts, eyes gazing into eyes.

The wolves stood in attention and on cue, they ran towards the prey, good juicy human meat that they were craving. Kyuhyun pressed a button as the wolves started running towards the intern. The wooden panes moved and covered the acrylic panes, covering the view of the scientist on the live onslaught of the poor interns as the wolves practically launched themselves to bite the neck. The cameras went off, the monitors were blank, Kyuhyun was still human enough not to record such murderous act.

The light on the two rooms shut off and the interns closed their eyes tightly, waiting for the piercing pain on their necks. But none came. They opened their eyes and saw the creature on tope of them, licking their necks in an affectionate way.

Jonghyun lied next to Jinki, his furry head on top of the man’s chest. He urged the boy to pet his head to which Jinki obliged. “You’re not going to bite me?’ He asked and the wolf just looked at him with those yellow eyes. Just go for it Jinki’s words rang inside his brain, and the wolf forced himself to change back to his human form. Jinki had never seen anything like this, he knew that Jonghyun will return to his human form on day break but this is just too fast, Can Jonghyun control himself now?

Jonghyun looked at the man on the floor, and inched towards him, his puppy eyes staring at Jinki. “Mate” Jonghyun said, the first actual word that he said. “Mate?” Jinki asked, clearly confused but it sank down on him as Jonghyun sucked on his white neck, marking him in an affectionate way. “Mate.” Jonghyun muttered across his skin and Jinki grabbed his hair softly and pulled him off of his neck. Jonghyun had hopeful eyes and saw the smile on Jinki’s face before they disappeared as Jinki leaned to kiss the werewolf. “Accepted.” Jinki muttered as he pulled the wolf down with him, and running his hand on the soft blonde locks of his mate.

Sunggyu was crying, tears running down his face as the wolf dashed towards him and made him fall on the ground. He was sobbing quite uncontrollably not because he was going to die but because the one he actually fell for was the one going to kill him. He felt something lick his face and opened his eyes to see Myungsoo, the wolf form of him, lick his face. The wolf saw him move and his instincts told him to move away, giving Sunggyu distance. “Why didn’t you kill me?” Sunggyu asked and Myungsoo just lowered his head, not wanting to look at Sunggyu, afraid that he’ll lose the precious man if he looked back,. “I’am asking you Myungsoo.” Sunggyu asked a bit louder and the wolf shuddered, fearful of the man in front of him. Sunggyu scrambled to his feet and approached the wolf who hid behind his tail. “I’m asking you why?” Sunggyu’s voice was soft this time, petting the head of the wolf. Myungsoo responded by moving his head with the hand, savoring the soft touch of the man.

Sunggyu then sat on the bed, looking straight into the wolf’s eyes. “I’m sorry, I guess when i became jealous when I knew you were ready to mate.” Sunggyu said bitterly, the words felt heavy on his tongue. The wolf stood in attention, clenched his jaws and closed his eyes as he tried to return to his human form. He let out a pained growl as he slowly transformed back to his human form. Sunggyu watched in astonishment, and gasped as the man stood in front of him. Myungsoo approached Sunggyu with slow and steady steps, placed his hand on his cheeks and spoke “Mate.” Myungsoo’s voice was deep and husky and SUnggyu found himself immediately nodding and accepting the offer. Myungsoo leaned in to kiss him, something Sunggyu had never though the man knew how to but he guessed, human and animal instincts must have been always present in a lustful body.

Pushing the thoughts aside, Sunggyu allowed Myungsoo to mark him, a territorial behavior of wolves. He let out a moan as the man on top of him gently suck on his skin, leaving those read marks. He then stared at those expressive eyes and smiled, he can’t believe that he’d fallen for a werewolf in a short 5 months, but he guessed that it’s worth it.

Kyuhyun took nervous steps towards the door of the enclosure, he knew it’ll be a bloody scene. Henry and Leeteuk were there to accompany him, the rest of the staff were given the day off. He placed his finger on the lock and waited for the door to open. The three stepped into the room to find the place white with no traces of blood. The interns were peacefully sleeping on the bed and the werewolves guarding by the foot of the bed.

“I am not going to harm you…” Kyuhyun said with shaky voice as he approached the bed and checked on Sunggyu. He saw red marks on his neck and Kyuhyun gulped. “Sunggyu?” He asked gently and the man stirred on the bed. Myungsoo…” Sunggyu muttered, almost a whisper but the werewolf heard it clearly. Myungsoo approached him and rested his head on Sunggyu’s hand.

Kyuhyun stepped back as he watched the scene before him, he then smiled happily.

“Jinki?” Henry rushed inside and was surprised to see Jinki sleeping on the bed, head resting on Jonghyun’s thigh. THe werewolf looked at him in a defensive stare. Henry stopped a few feet from the bed and smiled. “I’m not going to intrude or stop you, is Jinki okay?” Henry asked and Jonghyun nodded, watching the man on his lap stir a little. Henry breathed in relief and stepped out to meet Leeteuk and Kyuhyun.

The three went inside the observation room and opened the panels, revelaing the white room in full view. The two interns are still asleep, the wolves guarding them as if they are in danger. Kyuhyun sighed and got the attention of the other two. “I’m sensing that your theory is right.” Leeteuk spoke and Kyuhyun nodded. “Myungsoo had marked his territory.” Kyuhyun revelaed and Henry added. “Jonghyun did too.”

“What are we to do?” Leeteuk asked as the three observed the four behind the glass. “I am not sure though.” Kyuhyun confessed. “Wolves are quite the loyal breeds and connections mean a lot to them. As of the moment, both Sunggyu and Jinki had accepted to be their mates.” Henry stated and the two nodded. “If that’s the case, we can’t let them have their separate ways.” Leeteuk said, his gaze never leaving the four people in fron t of them.

Jinki was smiling widely as Jonghyun nuzzled his nose on the intern’s neck. “Mine” He muttered and Jinki responded with a nod. Myungsoo was acting shy towards Sunggyu and the intern was doing aegyo to make the wolf come to him. “Myungsoo.” Sunggyu called out and the man in question spared him a glance. “Come here.” Sunggyu patted the space next to him and Myungsoo obeyed. Sunggyu then wrapped his arm around the werewolf and rested his head on his shoulder. Myungsoo copied him, breathing in the scent of his mate, and licking the prominent mark he gave Sunggyu.

“Escape” The three scientist said in unison. They had decided to do the right thing. They plotted the perfect plan and re-entered the enclosure. “We came to help.” Kyuhyun said as he called out both Sunggyu and Jinki outside and locked the room. “We will fake your death and we will tell everyone that we decided to put down the subjects since they became threats to the state.” Leeteuk added just as Henry handed them the escape route. “They are not stupid, they will need the bodies as proof.” Jinki said and the three nodded.

“We got you covered.” Henry winked as he drew out blood bags and asked both Jinki and Sunggyu to lie down. He then inserted the needle and collected the blood from the two. “We’ll just tell them that you two were badly ravished by the beasts and that the only proper action was to kill the beast.” Kyuhyun stated as the blood oozed from the two interns. “We need to extract blood from them as well. Just enough for some believable gun shot wounds. Leeteuk added.

“And we need you to ask them to turn into wolves again and destroy the room, leave scratches and bite marks whatever, just destroy the whole place.” Kyuhyun added and the two nodded. “Why are you doing this all of the sudden?” Sunggyu asked and The three smiled at him. “To appease the guilt we’re feeling.” Henry said. “To repent” Leeteuk aded. “To give you four a chance at life. We were assholes for doing that horrid experiment.” Kyuhyun stated and gave them a warm smile both Sunggyu and Jinki nodded.

“By any chance hyung, have you known that both of them wanted us to be their mates?” Sunggyu asked and Kyuhyun nodded. “we hinted it on the third week, but confirmed it on the 2nd month. The way they obey you was admirable, to the point that even in their wolf form, you still held them firmly under your control.” Kyuhyun explained. “Last night..” Sunggyu trailed off. “We wanted to test the hypothesis.” Leeteuk answered, making the two wide eyed. “But when they ran towards you, we panicked. We thought that it failed.” Henry honestly said, finishing the blood collection.

“But you both survived it which proves our theory.” Kyuhyun said and the two nodded. “And because wolves are territorial, we are regarded as their property.” Jinki stated and the three nodded. “We understand.” Jinki said, standing up and opening the door to Jonghyun’s room, the werewolf was in defensive stance. Sunggyu did the same, Myungsoo running to him immediately.

“I need to get a few blood samples.” Jinki said and took out the syringe. He gently drew blood from Jonghyun who gritted his teeth as the needle went inside his body. He then smiled reassuringly and instructed Jonghyun to mess up the place. He stepped out of the room and Jonghyun, gaining full control of his ability, turned into his wolf form and ravaged the room just as he was told.

“Myungsoo.. It’ll hurt a bit, please bear with me.” Sunggyu asked as he took out the syringe and collected blood from his partner. Myungsoo cloded his eyes as the metal pierced his flesh. “You’re a good boy.” Sunggyu said as he drew out the syringe and instructed Myungsoo to destroy the place as much as he could. Myungsoo nodded and did as he was told, transforming in an instant and scratching the glass with all his might.

The two handed the syringes to Kyuhyun who smiled at them. “I lied.” Kyuhyun said which puzzled the two. “These blood samples, are going to decide your future.” Kyuhyun said and the two got scared. Henry and Leeteuk then opened the door and let the two werewolves join them, the lads joining their mates in an instant. “It’s simple, we can change you, like how we’ve changed them.” Henry said and Leeteuk smiled att he four. “It’s a help we are extending, but a decision that you need to decide on as a couple.” Leeteuk uttered before he and henry stepped inside the rooms and spilled blood over the place. Leeteuk noticed that the boys had managed to break a hole on the translucent glass that separated the two enclosure, giving the scientists a new idea for an alibi.

Kyuhyun looked at the four as the interns talked it out with their mates. “I’ll be like you, would you want that?” Jinki asked and Jonghyun shook his head, he may not be able to communicate but he knew how hard his life is being a werewolf, he wouldn’t want Jinki to experience that. “We’ll be together then, you don;t have to worry..” Sunggyu tried to coax the wold but h wouldn’t budge.

“Have you decided?” Kyuhyun asked as Henry and Leeteuk joined them. The four nodded and both Jinki and Sunggyu stepped forward. Kyuhyun nodded and asked Henry and Leeteuk to support the interns. “I’ll inject it on your necks, right at your jugular vein, where your marks are located.” Kyuhyun said and the two nodded. With a deep breath, Kyuhyun injected the werewolf blood on the two. The two flinched as the blood gushed through their veins and fell on their knees. “Take them and go.” Kyuhyun instructed, and both Myungsoo and Jonghyun grabbed their mates and left.

“Have we made the right decision?” Kyuhyun asked and Leeteuk patted him on his shoulder. “I just hope we did.” Leeteuk said as they looked at the room, blood drying and the smell slowly intoxicated them. “I’m sure they’ll do well.” Henry reassured them and led the two outside to prepare themselves as they face the bigger problem

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