100 word challenge 
Various pairings (Shinee, Infinite, Boyfriend, Super Junior, crossover)
PG to R
Will try to write anything short about certain pairs with the most random prompts, 1 story per pair

Part 1

a.) Minho X Myungsoo

b.) Kyuhyun X Onew

c) Ongyu (Onew X Sunggyu)

d.) Dongwoo x Henry

e.) TaeJong (Taemin x Sungjong)

f.) YoungKwang (Youngmin X Kwangmin)

g) Yesung x Jonghyun 

a/n: Something really short and random. 

You can give me prompt and pair if you want me to write about them, as long as the pair is not yet written. It will really a good challenge for me ^^





Crossover: Myungsoo MinHo

Photogenic; 100 words

A serious PD greeted him when he arrived at the set. He glanced at the busy place and took in a deep breath; he’ll be a photographer’s apprentice today. He walked towards the table where various cameras and lenses were neatly placed and his mouth tugged into a perfect smile. He ran a finger on one of the DSLR and the smile on his face widened. Then he heard shutter sounds and was surprised to see a familiar face.

“Still photogenic Kim Myungsoo.” Minho greeted him and Myungsoo gave him a courteous smile; it’s not a bad job after all.



Crossover: Kyuhyun – Onew

Leader; 77 words 

He used to train with the five boys who debuted 2 years after him. Though it was not a truth spoken, Kyuhyun had harbored bitter feeling towards the SHINee leader. His mood became sour at the mention of the tofu; he took Kyuhyun’s rightful place as a leader. But now that the said Tofu was thanking his Super Junior Sunbae-nim for their guidance and help, his heart swelled; Onew was indeed a cute ball of silken tofu.


Crossover: OnGyu

Sleepover; Rated; 112 words

When the SHINee members popped out of nowhere uninvited, Sunggyu had suffered a major headache and heart attack. The dorm was quite a battlefield with karaoke and overflowing beer. The teasing, wrestling, bashing and laughing were not pleasant for Sunggyu’s tired ears. So he just sighed and made his way back to his room. But a hand stopped him and dragged him out of the dorm. “Let’s have a sleepover at our dorm.” Onew suggested and the thought of a peaceful sleep crossed Sunggyu’s mind as he nodded.

So much for peaceful sleep; the minute they stepped inside the deserted dorm, their bodies were pressed together and both were a moaning mess.


Crossover: Dongwoo Henry

Mistaken; fluff; 97 words 

He was standing by the waiting room when an arm was placed on his shoulder. He looked up and smiled as the Dino spoke. “hyung, It feels great to be back on Idol athletics don’t you think?” Dongwoo asked and Henry’s brows furrowed questioningly before he realized the situation. “Dongwoo-ssi” Henry said, reading the name on the idol’s bib. “It’s actually my first time here. Please take care of me.” Henry bowed and the Dino’s eyes were wide as dinner plates. “Sorry Henry Sunbae-nim, I thought you were Sunggyu hyung.” Dongwoo apologized, bowing endless at the Canadian.


Crossover: Taejong (Taemin x Sungjong)

Pretty; AU; 90 words 

Sungjong isn’t pretty, he is handsome. He is not girly, he’s a man. He rolls his eyes as his girl classmates praise him for his God-given features. He’s just sick and tired of people calling him pretty, or worse, he’s prettier than most girls. But when a sudden confession from a shy boy named Taemin came during lunch break (the kid was holding out flowers and chocolates as he mutter I Like you Lee Sungjong, Please go out with me) he accepted the truth that he was in fact pretty.


Boyfriend: YoungKwang

Twincest; Fluff; 103 words 

The two was staring at the laptop screen, apparently shocked at the comments their last photo post received. Twincest? Does that word even exist? Youngmin shook his head and sighed loudly, how could best friends think they love each other like lovers? Kwangmin scratched the back of his head as he tried to decipher the cryptic minds of fangirls; and he thought being 4D was problematic already.

“It’s your entire fault Kwangmin. You just have to post this stupid photo!” Youngmin said as he rushed out of the room; Kwangmin sighed, why do people think it’s twincest to hold your twin brother’s hands?


Crossover: Yesung- Jonghyun

Standards; 104 words 

Jonghyun did not understand why Yesung chose Onew to be his ‘adoptive son’ when he was clearly better in terms of Looks, body, and vocal standards. Not that he hated his Onew hyung, but it seemed unfair for Super Junior’s lead singer to overlook him when he clearly has the powerful vocals in SHINee; heck he could pass as his brother already (Kim Jonghyun, Kim Jongwoon, see the relevance hyung?). What was really wrong with him?

“Your height.” Yesung bluntly said and Jonghyun felt like his ego was demolished by a wrecking ball. Why was height a standard? It’s not even a beauty pageant.


Watch out for the other pairings.. Give me  a prompt if you want your pairing a little drabble