[henwook] Till they take my heart away

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Title: till they take my heart away

Pairing: Henwook

Genre: romance,angst, friendship

Summary: For I Will Love you, till they take my heart away

Song Prompt: Till they Take my heart away

A/N: The story plot is similar to the henwook picfic parody I made a year ago~ Have a look at it here ^^ italicized words are part of the lyrics^^

Setting: after SS2 till SS4 ^^




[series?] Best friend for rent?

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Title: Best friend for rent?

Author: jhengchie

Pairing: HenWook [Girl!wook]

Genre: Au, friendship, eventual angst and romance

Rating: PG-13

Summary: it’s a stereotypical story of a lad who has everything but happiness.

Warning: almost character death?

A/N: coz I love henwook and I’ve been wanting to have a character death.. whoever dies I’m not saying *evil laugh* Well I don’t think anyone would read this but here.. I’m posting it anyway~


[fake subs] SJM Wedding announcement (Making of Perfection MV Parody)

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Title: SJM Wedding Announcement

Author: jhengchie

Pairing: HenWook, Eunhae, KyuMiMin (ninja! HenMin, MiMin [M&M])

Genre:  fluff?

Rating: PG

Summary: What does M in SJM stands for?! Here is their official announcement!

A/N: I was watching the SJM Perfection MV making as part of the Perfection Album Version B, when i realized that i could do fake subs on it. there were really cute moments in there (spot the HenMin!)



[one-shot/HenWook] Distance


Title: Distance…

Pairing: HenWook

Genre: angst, romance

Rating: PG – 13

Summary: Henry remarked that Ryeowook was too clingy; Ryeowook distanced himself from the maknae.

A/N: I am a bit emo so I wrote this one. Completely not true ~ wahahaha




[drabbles] Strong Heart

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Title: [drabbles] Strong Heart

Pairing: various Super Junior

Genre: fluff, crack, fail

Rating: PG – 13

Summary: random drabbles about what happened after watching Strong heart episode where Henry was a guest ^^

A/N: just because this run through my brain cells



[fanfic-Henwook] How About the Last Dance

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Title:  What about the last dance?

Pairings: HenWook, HanChul, Kyumin ;ryeowook, sungmin and heechul are girls!]

Rating: PG-13

Genre:  romance, friendship, AU, angst

Summary: It was halloween once again and the annual Halloween costume/masquerade ball is already set. Ryeowook was being annoyed by her pesky classmate Henry while Sungmin tries her best to get the campus crush, kyuhyun’s attention. Everybody was excited for the ball especially the traditional last dance, will the girls and boys get their last dances with the person they love? Or will it just be another gloomy Halloween for them?

As I look around the room in the corner where I sat, papers and foils littered the place. Students kept on running in and out of the room as if being chased by someone or something. The place was a mess… the students were at a haste.. it was crunch time.. we need to finish this or else.. we can’t go home. So I decided to help for the last time.

“What is so important about this ball? It’s just Halloween..”

I asked our campus geek..

“well, wookie.. It’s the tradition.. it is believed that when a couple danced the last dance, they will be inseparable. So each year, girls would hope to dance with their lovers.. and crushes.. those kind of stuff. “

She replied with stars in her eyes, I guess she’s one of those girls… as I was picking up the pieces of gold foil scattered around the room, something fell on me.. I shrieked like there’s no tomorrow, and my best friend Minnie and unni Heechul came rushing by my side.


[Fanfic|Henwook] It wasn’t easy to accept


Title: It wasn’t easy to accept

Pairing: HENWOOK with slight QMi, yewook, KyuWook, KRY

Genre: Romance, angst, friendship

Rating: PG – 13

Summary: When Henry and Zhou Mi came to SJ’s Life, they weren’t easily accepted.

Warning: SJ-15 fic..

A/N: so my Flashdrive got corrupted and I lost my thesis draft and all my fanfics T_T so here I am writing something very random again~~ this is about the start of HenWook (and maybe QMi) that didn’t really start with a happy story.


Let’s face it.. it wasn’t easy accepting changes in our life: when we suddenly need to change schools after spending your whole childhood with your old school, when we suddenly meet a new neighbor your mom wanted you to befriend, when you need to mature coz you turned 18.. changes.. they are inevitable but we are not fully prepared for things to come.

It’s in this sense that I am writing this story about two members of a super group who conquered the music scene with their numbers and talents; not to mention good looks too.

Who would forget Henry Lau? That precious Canadian who seemed to cute and talented for his own good. Let me

ask you a few things… did you like him at the start? Are you one of those who shouted SJ13 when you saw him? did you accept him as part of the Super Junior family?