[one-shot] Super Junior’s Pillars


Title: Super Junior’s Pillars

Pairing: HeeTeuk/TeukChul [ninja! Kangteuk/HanChul]

Genre: angst, friendship

Rating: PG – 13

Summary: They were SJ’s Pillars for a reason.. they are exactly opposite but they fit oh so well

Warning: issue about Heechul’s enlistment

A/N: so I know it’s sad and untimely but please forgive me for doing this.. I need to write something or else I’ll be emotionally unstable for the time being.





[HeeTeuk + HanChul] Deep Inside this armor


Title: Deep inside this armor…

Pairing: HeeTeuk/TeukChul and Hanchul

Genre: angst, friendship

Rating: PG – 13

Summary: Heechul was always viewed as a strong bitchy person, but who really knows who Heechul is? Let Leeteuk tell you who Kim Heechul is!

Warning: includes hangeng’s contract, GDA and SS3 incident

A/N: THIS IS LEETEUK’S POINT OF VIEW! So imagine Leeteuk telling the story^^

So although I am much more used to Hangeng.. I will Hankyung here^^

>> Remember my GDA fic where Heechul comforted Teukie? Now it’s Teukie’s turn to comfort the Cinderella.


How do we view Kim Heechul? The bitchy princess? The obsessed fanboy? The cross dresser? The idol with a bad temper? The gorgeous Cinderella? The Twitter king?

These are just a few of what we think Heechul is but do we know who he really is?


[fanfic-Heeteuk/TeukChul] Just a Piece of advice

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title: Just a piece of advice [solving a leader’s dilemma]

pairing/characters: Leeteuk-centered, TeukChul, ELFs, ninja^^

subject: Friendship, angst

rating: PG

word count: 1,272

summary: Out of all the person in the world, you’ll never expect whom to give you the best advice.

A/N: forgive my emoness.. forgive me for reminding you.. but this is a GDA related fic cause I need my closure~~


There was this small hope, a small flame that burns inside the knowing leader, yet he knows it won’t happen. He fears one thing: disappointment… We can’t have everything.. He knows that too well yet he still expected for a miracle. But in the end.. well I guess he thought it isn’t that bad to hope for a miracle.