100 Word Challenge

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100 word challenge 
Various pairings (Shinee, Infinite, Boyfriend, Super Junior, crossover)
PG to R
Will try to write anything short about certain pairs with the most random prompts, 1 story per pair

Part 1

a.) Minho X Myungsoo

b.) Kyuhyun X Onew

c) Ongyu (Onew X Sunggyu)

d.) Dongwoo x Henry

e.) TaeJong (Taemin x Sungjong)

f.) YoungKwang (Youngmin X Kwangmin)

g) Yesung x Jonghyun 

a/n: Something really short and random. 

You can give me prompt and pair if you want me to write about them, as long as the pair is not yet written. It will really a good challenge for me ^^



Infinite Oneshot – A portrait of You

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Title: A portrait of you
Pairing: WooGyu with Ninja pairing
Genre: angst
Summary: He woke up from a dream and started painting a face of serene beauty

A/N: I was searching at Deviant art when sketches of Infinite members popped from somewhere and I was just inspired to write something about them. THIS IS MY FIRST FANFIC FEATURING INFINITE. Do I know them enough to make this work?