[fake subs] SJM Wedding announcement (Making of Perfection MV Parody)

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Title: SJM Wedding Announcement

Author: jhengchie

Pairing: HenWook, Eunhae, KyuMiMin (ninja! HenMin, MiMin [M&M])

Genre:  fluff?

Rating: PG

Summary: What does M in SJM stands for?! Here is their official announcement!

A/N: I was watching the SJM Perfection MV making as part of the Perfection Album Version B, when i realized that i could do fake subs on it. there were really cute moments in there (spot the HenMin!)




KyuMin FanFic list


Since Kyumin is our SJMdebaobei’s couple of the month, I never really had the chance to promote them. So I’m making it up by posting a few of my Kyumin Fanfics.. They are in LJ but I hope you will like them just as much as I’ve worked hard writing them^^


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Happy Anniversary

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title: Happy Anniversary

Author: jhengchie

pairing: Kyumin, [girl!Sungmin], if you squint: qmi

other characters: Ryeowook, Hangeng

subject: Romance, angst

rating: PG

warning: Character death

summary: Sungmin prepares for their anniversary