[fanfic-Qmi] I never regretted Waiting

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Title: I Never Regretted Waiting

Pairing: Qmi [girl! Zhou mi], with kyumin, Zhoury, and Henwook [girl!ryeowook]

Subject: Romance, friendship, angst

Rating: PG – 13

Word count: 822

Summary: There will come a time when all you can do is just wait.

Lying in the sand, I look up at the peaceful sky and think about the days that passed by. I looked around to see but no one seemed to come today. I recalled the day you told me to wait, with tears in your eyes and a heavy load in your heart; you had to make a choice.

“ It was earlier than what I expected Kuai xian!”

You said while crying.

I was firm and stern when I brushed away those tears and placed my farewell kiss. I didn’t cry in front of you because it’ll only make it harder for you to leave..

“Mimi, don’t cry.. It’ll be over when you know it.. I’ll wait.. I’ll wait until you come back” I made that promise with you that day and until this day, I still keep it…

I briefly closed my eyes and memories flooded my brain in a fast forward mode and all I can decipher is your beautiful face and your dark eyes staring at me.

“Kuai xian, you are really handsome tonight…” I remember that particular line from our first date and it made me cry a little. Good thing no one was at the beach.

It has been three years since you left and I lost all ability to chase after girls.. no one was like you, no one can be you.. I just lost interest in girls to the point that Heechul hyung introduced me to this guy who looks like a girl who likes guys.. damn he really looked like a girl.. we clicked, but I knew he won’t be like you.. God, how can I do those kinds of things with a guy, it’s just so wrong.. but I had to do it.. to forget you. I wanted to hurt you, but you hurt me instead.

I learned that you were seeing this Canadian guy who was part of your team. He was smart and talented, how can I be like him? No.. I won’t be able to reach him.. You two look good each other, Hangeng hyung even commented after seeing you two when he went there to for some business.

I cried, haven’t you heard? I almost jumped off the building… I was pathetic.. I should’ve jumped off, rather than wait in vain for a love that had passed..

“ouch..” I yelled in pain as something or someone tripped over and landed on top of me..

“I’m sorry” I heard a familiar voice, I rubbed my eyes to see who said that.

My eyes widened and my jaws dropped. “mimi?”

The person was coughing and spitting sand from her mouth which she accidentally incurred after tripping over.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking while I was.. Kuai xian?”

Your eyes widened and had that familiar shine. I looked away for I know tears will start to fall the longer I stare at you.

“oh.. I’m sorry.. I was carelessly taking a nap…” but I never continued with my petty excuses for I tasted the familiar sweet lips of yours and smelled the oh so seductive perfume you wore on our first date… but now I tasted sand as well, but I didn’t mind.

Next thing I knew, I woke up in your bed naked and holding you close and never letting go. Our fingers intertwined as I move your hair to free your beautiful face.

“Kuai xian, I’m sorry..”

“What for”

“for making you wait and worry”

“I’m sorry mimi.. I’ve cheated on you”

“yah.. I know.. with Minnie..”

“you knew?”

“Hangeng gege told me..”

“yah.. I deserve a spanking”

“no.. I lied..”


“there was no Henry and me..”

“but hangeng hyung”

You shrugged your head

“I made that up.. to hurt you.. I’m so stupid.”

“but the pictures..”

“nah.. it wasn’t romantic.. we’re friends.. he wanted to ask your friend out..”


“Wookie, the pretty girl who cooks..”

“oh wookie..”

“but I told him he’ll have to face her overly protective brother kangin”

“so true.. are they going out?”

You nodded your pretty little head.

“Kuai xian.. is three years that long?”

“depends… are you leaving me again?”



“I think we waited too long.. I don’t want to be away from you.. ever!”

“then that’s good..”

“you look so happy..”

I flashed a smile and grabbed something from my coat pocket which was lying just beside the bed.

“I’ve kept this ever since the day you left..”

I opened a tiny box which held a diamond ring.

“Marry Me, Mimi..”

I still recall that smile and the light in your eyes as you said yes and pulled me into another kiss.

And now I stand before the altar, as choirs sing our song and I’m waiting for you as you walk down the aisle, with light in your eyes and a smile on your face.

All I can do is just wait for you.. and I never regretted waiting for my one true love.. I may have waited for three years, but now I’ll share the rest of my life with you; you are definitely worth the wait.



[fanfic-Henwook] How About the Last Dance

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Title:  What about the last dance?

Pairings: HenWook, HanChul, Kyumin ;ryeowook, sungmin and heechul are girls!]

Rating: PG-13

Genre:  romance, friendship, AU, angst

Summary: It was halloween once again and the annual Halloween costume/masquerade ball is already set. Ryeowook was being annoyed by her pesky classmate Henry while Sungmin tries her best to get the campus crush, kyuhyun’s attention. Everybody was excited for the ball especially the traditional last dance, will the girls and boys get their last dances with the person they love? Or will it just be another gloomy Halloween for them?

As I look around the room in the corner where I sat, papers and foils littered the place. Students kept on running in and out of the room as if being chased by someone or something. The place was a mess… the students were at a haste.. it was crunch time.. we need to finish this or else.. we can’t go home. So I decided to help for the last time.

“What is so important about this ball? It’s just Halloween..”

I asked our campus geek..

“well, wookie.. It’s the tradition.. it is believed that when a couple danced the last dance, they will be inseparable. So each year, girls would hope to dance with their lovers.. and crushes.. those kind of stuff. “

She replied with stars in her eyes, I guess she’s one of those girls… as I was picking up the pieces of gold foil scattered around the room, something fell on me.. I shrieked like there’s no tomorrow, and my best friend Minnie and unni Heechul came rushing by my side.