[henwook] Till they take my heart away

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Title: till they take my heart away

Pairing: Henwook

Genre: romance,angst, friendship

Summary: For I Will Love you, till they take my heart away

Song Prompt: Till they Take my heart away

A/N: The story plot is similar to the henwook picfic parody I made a year ago~ Have a look at it here ^^ italicized words are part of the lyrics^^

Setting: after SS2 till SS4 ^^




[Songfic-EUNHAE] Most Beautiful Person Alive


Most Beautiful Person Alive

Song Prompt: Pinakamagandang lalaki (Most beautiful man) by Janno Gibbs

Author: jhengchie

pairing: Eunhae [girl!Donghae], broken!Kihae

subject: Romance, friendship, crack and fluff, AU

rating: PG

summary: but I never thought that a person like you, would fall for someone like me… I thought that it can only happen in a dream

Wag isipin, Ako’y nagbibiro lamang

(Don’t even think that I am only fooling around)

The first time that Hyukjae stepped into his new High school, he felt really normal and nothing special will happen. He is the new kid in town and he already anticipated all the bullying and insulting that will come his way. It sucks to transfer schools every year, but it can’t be helped, his dad’s work is pretty mobile, they have to go with it or else… they won’t be able to live our daily lives.

He entered the room with his head down low and a frown on his pale face. He never liked introduction and henever liked being stared at.